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In order to take advantage of the corrupt deal just reached between Citizen Smash and Hugh Hewitt, I would like to take this opportunity to remind readers how to vote.

Please click on this link and vote for Patterico — just like Hugh says.

Please vote every 12 hours. If you cannot, you may have to remove your cookie, or block cookies from his site. Please do not do this to cheat — it’s wrong, and besides, he’ll find out. But if you need to do this to vote every 12 hours, go for it.

All I have to do to accept my part in this evil pact with a clear conscience is to vote for Hugh for best conservative blog at this link — but I was doing that regularly anyway. You should too.

UPDATE: I am unable to check the results without voting again (which I cannot legally do), so I asked a friend on the phone to check my status. Apparently I am still trailing the “Bitch Girls” by 8 votes. This cannot stand. It is an insult to Hugh Hewitt to imply that he cannot mobilize his audience to overcome this paltry deficit. I implore Hewitt listeners to demonstrate Hugh’s influence by voting for me, again and again, every 12 hours, as long as it takes until the “Bitch Girls” are buried beneath of mountain of Hewitt-inspired votes for Patterico.

P.S. Hugh and Smash: it’s pronounced “Patter-EEK-oh.”


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There is an interesting discussion going on at Dean’s World regarding the environment, Michael Crichton, overpopulation, and related issues. Check it out.


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Although I am coming to it a few days late, I nevertheless recommend Nat Hentoff’s latest column on Schiavo.


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I worked on this last night with Xrlq, who was very generous with his time as he dealt with various cat issues. I am part of the way there. Soon enough I’ll be packing up to the simpler “” address — with hopefully fewer outages, better-working comments, more features, a different look, and other improvements.

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