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Damian Williams finally received justice yesterday.


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Bush says we should go to the moon again. Sounds good to me.


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Looks like this guy has a pretty damn good appeal.


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Even Weblog Awards.

Spy Wiper Fix?

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Here is a thread that has a possible fix for the ugly Spy Wiper problem.

Also check out this site.

UPDATE: The simplest fix, which worked for me, was to reset my home page to a different home page by clicking “Tools” and then “Internet Options” from my toolbar. Then I deleted the Spy Wiper cookie. I forget what it’s called, so you might have to delete all cookies, which is a pain — but less of a pain than Spy Wiper.

UPDATE x2: If, when you try change your home page by clicking “Tools” and then “Internet Options” from your toolbar, you are unable to do so because of system restrictions in effect, you may need to edit your registry. I do not recommend this if you do not know what you are doing. Bad Things can happen when you edit your registry, and I am not responsible. That said, if you still want to try, instructions are here. You need to disable the restriction preventing changes to Home Page settings.


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Via the newly blogrolled Captain’s Quarters comes this post notifying us of the Communist Party USA’s online merchandise store.

At the top of the page is the slogan: “Shop ’till Capitalism Drops!” The sales pitch continues:

Into materialist philosophy? Or just want a commie bear? You want “Bush Out 2004″ under where? Does your baby need a Karl Marx bib? For these and other commodity fetishes, start shopping here!

Discerning readers will be reminded of Monty Python’s World Forum Sketch, in which Karl Marx answers questions about British soccer as he desperately tries to win a lounge suite.

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, this has drawn the attention of the Commissar.


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Patterico’s blogroll is constantly expanding as he finds new blogs with quality writing — or as he adds blogs that he has been reading for some time, but inexplicably failed to link to.

The new links include blogs from both categories. They are worth a visit. If you like them, tell them in their comments that you heard about them here.

Welcome to Captain’s Quarters and Wizbang.

UPDATE: Thanks to Captain Ed for the kind mention!


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Via How Appealing comes the latest news regarding the murder of the Assistant U.S. Attorney from Baltimore, which I first mentioned here.

This story says that authorities “suspect the killing was the result of a personal relationship that turned violent and was not linked to his work.”

I don’t buy it.

Obviously, I don’t know what the authorities know. But this story may be part of a campaign of misdirection, designed to make the true suspects believe they are no longer under suspicion — which could cause them to be careless and make some mistake that would give them away.

This possibility seemed to me even more likely once I read this story in the Washington Post, and learned that the stab wounds were

shallow puncture wounds described as “prick marks” on his chest, neck and head, suggesting he had been tortured, according to a coroner who examined his body.

Let’s review the facts, as set forth in the two stories linked above. A prosecutor receives on his cell phone a late-night phone call that causes him to go to his Baltimore office, where records show he (and his car) were at 11:20 p.m. His body is found at 5:30 the next morning, in the same car, which is nose down in a creek in rural Pennsylvania. The body is fully dressed in suit and tie, with a work identification badge. He was apparently tortured and murdered. And he left his eyeglasses and cell phone in his office — things that you would think he would take with him if he had voluntarily left the office to go home for the night.

Are we to believe that, in under 48 hours, the authorities eliminated the possibility that there is a link between his death and any case that he ever worked on?

For that to be true, they would have to know who did it and why. Because they couldn’t arrive at that conclusion that quickly through the process of elimination.

It’s a phony story, folks. The authorities don’t know who did it, but the possibility that it was related to his job has not been eliminated, in my opinion.

UPDATE: The FBI is stating that nothing has been ruled out.


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Wizbang’s 2003 Weblog Awards are open for polling. Patterico’s Pontifications is nominated for Best Marauding Marsupials Ecosystem Level Blog. If you enjoy Patterico and would like to vote for his blog, you can do so by clicking here.

I need your vote!

And you can vote early and often. You can vote once every 12 hours, through December 14, 2003. So bookmark the location of the Marauding Marsupials contest, and give your voting fingers regular exercise!

P.S. The Ecosystem is explained here. The list of Marauding Marsupials is here. The list is fluid, based on ever-changing hit counter statistics; it is where this blog was at the time of the nominations.

P.P.S. In the first iteration of this post (up for only about 10 minutes) I incorrectly stated that Patterico was the only Bear Flagger nominated in this category. I don’t know how I overlooked e-Claire. In any event, this poses no problem for the League. Vote for whichever you like best — but if you feel torn between us, vote for one of us in the first 12-hour period of the day, and the other in the second 12-hour period! That way you will be elevating the Bear Flaggers above the rest, without favoring one over the other.

P.P.P.S. Patterico is now tied for the top spot with “The Bitch Girls.” Hmmm.

I note it now because I expect this can’t last. Anyway, thanks for the votes.

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