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According to Fox News, an independent guardian has said that there is “no reasonable medical hope” that Terri Schiavo will improve — but also recommends swallowing tests to see if she can learn to eat on her own (something that the probate judge has consistently opposed).

I’m not sure why he wants the swallowing tests if he has already concluded that there is no reasonable hope for them to work. Sounds like he’s not so sure. . .


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Little Green Footballs has a very amusing post criticizing certain statements that Howard Dean made on Hardball. Dean apparently said that it would be fine with him if the International Criminal Court at the Hague tried Osama bin Laden — despite the fact that the Hague is not entitled to impose the death penalty. LGF also notes that Howard Dean says we should rely on the Soviet Union to address Iran’s nuclear capabilities — despite the fact that no such country exists.

Scary stuff, and good observations from Little Green Footballs.

UPDATE: Patio Pundit has more on Dean’s appearance. (Via The Southern California Law Blog.)


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Nominate a blog for Wizbang’s 2003 Weblog Awards. Should you wish to second Patterico’s self-serving nomination based on Ecosystem categories, he is currently a Marauding Marsupial. Or you could “fourth” his nomination for Best New Blog.

Or, I suppose, you could nominate some other blog. If you really wanted to.


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Interesting analogies in this essay by Byron York on the leaked Democratic memos.

UPDATE: Melanie Kirkpatrick at the WSJ also asks why the press is so silent. As if she didn’t know. You never heard of liberal bias, Melanie?

She also points out that the memos were not, in fact, purloined. Sen. Leahy’s folks failed to put up a firewall, so that all staffers, Republican and Democrat alike, could read everything that was on the shared server. So it appears that no skullduggery was necessary to obtain the memos.


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Reader C.J.A. saw a trackback I did on someone else’s blog, and wrote to inquire how I was able to do that from a Blogger blog. The secret is Wizbang’s Standalone Trackback Form.

Thanks, Wizbang — both for the trackback form, and for the pointless Paris Hilton Traffic! The perverted visitors are continuing to roll in. . .

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