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How Appealing’s excellent monthly interview with an appellate judge is a special treat this month, as Howard Bashman interviews Richard Posner. Read it here.

It is a sad commentary on the perversion of our nominations process that this brilliant judge says he would have a difficult time being nominated today.


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Wayne Madsen has this pathetic defense of his ridiculous column (discussed here Saturday) on Bush’s alleged “6 a.m.” Thanksgiving dinner with the troops — you know, the one that was really at 6 p.m., except that Madsen screwed up the time and wrote a whole column based on that mistake.

Madsen’s explanation? I don’t really understand it; you’ll have to read it yourself. I think he’s saying that he got the timing wrong, and it’s George Bush’s fault, somehow. Or maybe he didn’t get the timing wrong, and there is some conspiracy out there to cover up the true facts. I can’t really tell which.

(Via Volokh.)


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I saw a pretty convincing letter to the editor regarding gay marriage in yesterday’s Dog Trainer:

Convicted murderer Lyle Menendez, who is serving a life term without possibility of parole, was wed in prison to a woman he never knew before his incarceration and with whom he will never be allowed to consummate the marriage (Nov. 21). So much for the argument that marriage is a unique union of two individuals for the purpose of procreation.

The absurdity is that a man who killed his parents in cold blood and will never set foot outside the state penitentiary has greater legal rights to protect the so-called sanctity of his relationship with the person he loves than law-abiding, taxpaying citizens who happen to be gay or lesbian.

Robert J. Switzer

West Hollywood

Hard to argue with that.

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