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Spy Wiper Help

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SPY WIPER HELP: For those looking for help because their browser was hijacked by Spy Wiper, read this post and the comments. A potential fix is in the comments; let me know if it works.

UPDATE: I am keeping this post at the top of the page for at least the rest of the day, and possibly longer, due to the interest this is getting from people victimized by this company. This also means that you may be missing new posts if you stop reading with this one.

UPDATE x2: Xrlq has useful links on the topic.

UPDATE x3: If that didn’t help, try the links in this post. Also, there is a lot of information in the comments below.

UPDATE x4: A complaint against Spy Wiper has been filed with the FTC! Further information, including information on how to contact the FTC, is available here. I urge anyone who has had their browser hijacked by this company to follow up with the FTC.

68 Responses to “Spy Wiper Help”

  1. I have read many of the comments posted here and I understand that everyone feels personally invaded and held hostage. But the fact is that we have all been made frustratingly aware of how it feels to be invaded by a unseen force. But I for one prefer to learn and appreciate from the experience. It is similar to when someone sneaks a weapon past the airport security and the airport wants to press charges. They could be saving lives by demostrating the weaknesses in the airport security. I for one want to thank that person and do not believe they should be prosecuted. As far as I know no damage was done to my computer and I learned a valuable lesson. I emailed Spy Wiper and thanked them. No other software company demostrated so effectively how vulnerable my computer is. I have read in the comments posted here on “how the Spy Wiper was able to circumvent other software installed to prevent this very thing from happening”. I for one won’t be purchasing that software.

    sylvia (9a536a)

  2. Sylvia,
    You’re an idiot. Most people are not technical and do not want to learn how to remove the various asundry spywares and home page hyjackers. THey only want to use their computer. I curse the companies that create them, especially for the ones that create pop-ups and offer a product for sale to rid oneself of the same pop-ups.

    Gene (813142)

  3. While I don’t sign on to the “idiot” comment, I share Gene’s bafflement at Sylvia’s charity towards this company. Their antics are nothing more than a high-tech protection racket, in my opinion.

    Patterico (5fb7e0)

  4. I almost forgot – I owe a thank you note to the guy who broke into my car and stole my stereo a few years back, for making me aware of the security vulnerabilities of my car and the lot it was parked in. Valuable lesson indeed.

    Xrlq (ceabbe)

  5. Yes… I myself would like to thank various tiny bacteria… for ravaging my body and giving me such a nasty cold. If it weren’t for them, I might not have been aware of the vulnerabilities in my immune system, and the value of a good night’s sleep. Bless you, bacteria! Hey, perhaps SARS could help me out, too…

    Nikola (ebf224)

  6. I want to learn how to get ahold of those mother fuckers at spy wiper, because if I do I will send them e-mail after e-mail after e-mail cursing them and all their fucking children to hell for the rest of my life. I hate those soulless fucking pussies. I have never had as much bullshit come my way from spy wiper as any other company in my life, as much stupid, intrusive bullshit. I would really like to include this on the “testimonials” on spy wiper’s homepage. What a crock of shit. I hope to god I never meet one of those fuckers, because if I do a busted nose is the least of their problems. Yes, if you haven’t noticed I’m a veangeful person. I’m fucking tired of my disc drives popping open and my fucking computer screen going blue and all my icons disappearing. I hate spy wiper, all the mother fuckers who work for that bull-shit company and I would just like them to know that one day they will get theirs, each and every one of them.

    Chris (8df08a)

  7. Chris, I like the way you think!!! I couldn’t agreee more.

    Sylvia, here are my thoughts for you. We all live our lives vulnerable to attacks, for example: I am sure if he had the resourses and really wanted to Chris could hop on a plane go to Atlanta and find these people. He could walk into their offices and start kicking people in the asses, and flipping desks over on top of these bastards. Using your argument he would no be doing any thing wrong, he would just be proving that they need better security in their office to keep out crazed victims of their “advertising.” After mending their wounds they should thank him for proving to them that they were vulnerable.

    Your logic would allow people to rob banks and say “Hey I was just trying to prove the security of the bank, you should thank me.”

    I think these guys are scum, and should be punished.

    I fixed the problem last night by going to Microsoft update and downloading the critical updates and such. I re-booted my computer and the spywiper crap was gone.

    Bob (b818d8)

  8. Here you go. This page has all you need to contact ass wiper, inc and all their minions. Chris, there is a physical address as well.

    Peggy (64ddf1)

  9. O.K. I can sit silent no longer. Apparently some of you let your own anger and frustration blind you to the very words you read. I clearly stated in my previous comment “as far as I know no damage was done to my computer”. No harm was done, I learned a lesson. Only my patience and security and abilities were challenged.

    However, I for one will be boarding the plane that improved their security by taking the lesson to heart. If we punish someone for harmlessly showing us our shortcomings in security, it will only discourage other harmless creativity and only the terrorists will be challenging the system. Whatever we learn from the terrorists will be to late for many innocent persons.
    But those of you who blow up before you have read or think the situation through, go ahead and board the plane that doesn’t care about your safety and only cares about its self image, who wants to prosecute those who harmlessly challenge the current security system. We need to reward persons for their constructive creatitivity that only makes our world a little safer.

    I’m sure if those of you who loose your cool, would take the time you used to crucify Spy Wiper and put that time to good use to create a system that rewards innocent persons for ideas that save lives, the world would be a much better place.

    sylvia (9a536a)

  10. Peggy, you work for SpyWiper, don’t you?

    Chris (8df08a)

  11. I think Chris means sylvia. Peggy is the one who posted a link to an informative web page. Sylvia is the one who is thankful towards those who deliberately screw up her computer to sell crap.

    Patterico (798c52)

  12. Sylvia,

    That’s great that spywiper caused you no harm and you learned a lesson from it, but the airport analogy is poor one. This isn’t an innocent demonstration of vulnerability, this is a deliberate attempt to invade and entrench an intrusive and troublesome piece of spyware. It’s causing trouble everywhere. Case in point: I stumbled across this page because a friend called me in a panic, asking for help to this particular problem. He explained that his two little girls had just had some explicit porn pop up while they were chatting with their friends on the internet. After that, a precious little cartoon of a Santa crapping down a chimney appeared. He, his wife and his little girls were completely freaked out by it. Their time has been wasted, my time has been wasted trying to assist them, and who knows how many others who have been grappling with this problem. I know you’re on the defensive and you got some pretty harsh responses, but come on. Let’s get real. These guys are not innocent folks trying to help, they’re opportunistic scum preying on the ignorant.


    James (69b9e8)

  13. i don’t care if they are trying to be helpful, or just trying to get me to purchase their software. i just want the garbage off my system, and i don’t think i should have to pay to take off something i didn’t ask for. they should be prosecuted if there is no other way to remove the spyware from my computer. i believe it to be an invasion of my privacy, and i don’t appreciate it!!

    Michael (42b2a6)

  14. Sorry about the abovementioned comment, Peggy, I was directing it toward Sylvia. I just read the sigs wrong.

    I too feel like spywiper is invading my privacy. Not only that, but pop-ups in general are starting to royally piss me off, because sometimes they do things to my computer’s settings like change my home page.

    Chris (8df08a)

  15. thank you and congratulations… esp. to Chris

    i came across your posts while i was searching for help in trying to rid my daughter’s laptop of asswiper (to borrow a phrase)before returning to school early the next morning. it provided a much needed laugh and prevented me from hurling the f*cking laptop, complete with it’s ever opening cd drive and animated browser windows, out her bedroom window!

    it also provided me with much needed links to get the dreaded beast off her machine.

    a plague of hemoroids is too good for those people… and all who support and encourage them… no offense sylvia… but whatever you’re smoking… i’ll pass 😉

    oldog (13d91f)

  16. I am “plagued” by Sky Viper. It’s driving me crazy, and it keeps me from getting into Internet Explorer. You say this ” it also provided me with much needed links to get the dreaded beast off her machine.” May I telephone you and have you tell how to get rid of Spy Viper? If so please give me your telephone number.
    Bertram H. Behrens

    Bertram H. Behrens (8c4d08)

  17. James,

    I understand your friend is having problems with porn popups. I don’t know a lot about computers and the internet. However, I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong but…. I had been surfing the net for over a year before I ever got a porn popup on my screen. And that was after an unnamed person had used my computer and accessed a porn site on their own accord. I went into the history and saw they had indeed been surfing porn sites. So my theory is unless someone had used your computer to surf porn sites that you won’t get porn popups. So…. has someone in your friends home (that they don’t know about) been surfing the porn sites? My hard drive crashed a month ago and since then I have a new hard drive installed and no one but myself has used my computer ( so no porn web sites have been surfed) I have not had a porn popup yet. It seems once you surf a site, the evil powers that be out there in popup computer land, pick up on it and think you probably want to see more. Thus arrives the porn popups. Now… all that Spy Wiper did was make people aware of just how vulnerable their computers are and they did it right in front of everyone. So it is not like they are not willing to take full responsibility for there demostration. It is the evil powers that be that sneak into your computer, steal information, do real damage and don’t identify themselves that you need to be worrying about. Spy Wiper used a very effective harmless technique to demonstrate the ways someone can invade your computer. Take there demostration to heart and purchase some software that can combat such invasions.

    sylvia (571c4d)

  18. Oldog,

    No, I am not smoking anything. I am just a little more laid back than some people.

    And to whoever it was that suggested I might work for Spy Wiper. I don’t.

    sylvia (571c4d)

  19. Sylvia,

    That’s not the way it works. Spy Wiper did not demonstrate the way that it invaded your computer, Spy Wiper simply invaded your computer, told you that it had, and suggested you pay it to remove itself. Spyware, as opposed to viruses or trojan horses, do not typically exploit computer vulnerabilities. They piggy-back on other programs or try to trick users into installing them via web plug-in’s. Once a program is on your machine, it can do pretty much anything, including opening your CD-ROM or a message in notepad (both of which the spy wiper spyware does.) Spy Wiper does not prevent future invasions of this sort, it simply promises to remove itself and perhaps some other spyware that more effective, less intrusive and completely free anti-spyware programs already do. (Such as spybot or adaware)

    As far as porn pop-up’s, it is more complicated than that. First, if you visit a single porn site, it may “pop-up” page after page of porn after that, and does not require “spyware” to do so. However, after all instances of IE (or whatever browser you’re using) are closed (including web bugs and stealth pages), it cannot pop-up more windows. Of course, porn pages are infamous for trying to get you to install spyware under the guise of “helpers” (bonzai buddy, form completers, passcode rememberers, free subscriptions, etc) and THOSE will most definitely pop-up porn, but if you don’t agree to those, you are usually safe. But really, you don’t have to have ever visited a porn site to receive porn spam or to have a piece of spyware deliver porn pop-up’s to you. They can deliver whatever they want to you. In any event, the porn pop-up’s my friend is receiving is delivered by the same spyware which is popping up the spy wiper advertisements.

    Spywiper teeters dangerously close to blackmail. “Look at what we’re doing. If you want us to stop, pay us.” It provides no mechanism to remove itself and is deliberately designed to make it difficult to do so. I’m sorry, but their actions really are indefensible. That they deliver porn advertisements only increases their reprehensibility.

    Finally, spy wiper is not harmless. It costs people in terms of time, system functionality, family security (as in the case of my friend’s children being exposed to the most degraded porn), and, for those who don’t have the technical know-how to remove it themselves, money to either pay off the spy wiper people or hire someone to fix the problem for them.

    I appreciate that you’re laid back and that you look to find the lesson, but spy wiper doesn’t deserve your thanks any more than kidnappers or terrorists do.


    James (69b9e8)

  20. My wife somehow piced up this lame comany’s attempt at blackmail. I downloaded ad-aware ( and ran it with the latest updates. It removed the problems and even reset the homepage back to I reset that to and she is now back in business.
    Ad-Aware (from lavasoft) is our friend.

    Don Burns (f86147)

  21. Would someone be able to tell me the best way for someone who is not an amazing computer wiz to get rid of this plague? Thanks.

    Bart (d92b22)

  22. I have just paid about $30 to download Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware 6.0 from Lavasoft’s website. I rebooted and ran the program. It quarantined about 130 items from my hard-drive.

    I have since rebooted and run Ad-Aware again. Now I am getting all the same Ad-Aware popups (e.g. Santa s…ing down a chimney, etc.) that originally caused me to buy Ad-Aware.

    Yet when I run Ad-Aware again it says that my hard-drive is clean – but it’s not clean, it’s infected with SpyWiper stuff.

    What do I do now? Any help much appreciated.

    Bart (d92b22)

  23. Read this post: I updated it with a link to another post (which I also updated). See if that helps.

    Patterico (f7b3e5)

  24. I can’t believe that anyone could feel that this stuff is in any way a favor. It teaches you NOTHING, Sylvia, except perhaps that the SpyWiper folks are rude and devious salespeople. This plague has been with my computer a week so far. It seems that every time I go to a certain site which I frequent (no, not porn) it comes back, Santa, notepad, hijacked start page, and all.

    I am in the process of following instructions on this page to rid myself of it. Lost time, invasion of privacy, blackmail, cyber terror, hacking, spam, intrusive junk, rude business practice, troublesome…certainly not harmless. They don’t care how people feel about their BS. I don’t want it, I didn’t ask for it, but I have it. What is right about that?

    It’s like getting a letter full of the clap with an order form inside for antibiotics inside. What will you tell your kids when they ask why Santa is sitting on the chimney with his pants around his ankles? Ha ha ha, I get it…he’s delivering Spy Wiper!

    Many thanks to Patterico’s for pointing me in the right direction.

    Justin Day (1a2d0d)

  25. Sylvia… after reading perhaps not all, but most of the postings here, I only wish to add: I’m thankful your volume control is working fine, but unfortunately, your tuner doesn’t work worth a shit!
    It’s pretty obvious you’re out of tune with the world.
    I suggest getting it fixed… quickly!!

    Blue (96d7d4)

  26. I ran Spybot S&D and set it to “immunize,” then rebooted. I then went to Windows Update and installed ALL of the security updates(and rebooted). I adjusted my ActiveX settings, then ran Spyware Blaster (and rebooted), Spyware Guard, AdAware(and rebooted), and HijackThis(and rebooted). I chose what to delete myself, but there are forums where you can post scan results and friendly experts will let you know what is safe to delete and what you should leave alone. So far, so good! Been to all of the usual sites with no attack. LINKS BELOW TO HELP

    Spyware Warrior..might have all the help you need.

    Broadband..GREAT forum on the problem…experts to help!,8636984~root=security,1~mode=flat

    GOOD LUCK. You, too, Sylvia.

    Justin A Day (f0506c)

  27. First, to remove all of these “spy wiper” and related meanies, try “AdAware” and “SpyBot – Search and Destroy” (both are free). You can find them at

    Second, I realize some people are really ticked that they got (let’s call it) “hacked”, I know I was. For me (being technically inclined) it was an eyeopener and something I appreciate because I *thought* I had done a good job securing my system. For anyone that’s not technically inclined, like my parents who’s computer was all kinds of infected when I went to visit for Christmas, it sucks big time. I think the posters here should realize that there are two perspectives, and both are correct.

    Realize that this thread is not going to resolve the rift between the tech geeks and non-tech geeks; the best the geeks can do is try to help.

    Sid (ea939a)

  28. i agree with chris-these guys are assholes

    tom (bbccc0)

  29. Let’s keep it simple shall we. Companies like spy-wiper are well outside their rights to force irritating nuisance software onto anyones pc. At least they’re not hiding it though, think of all the other crap that’s going on whilst your on the net that you don’t know about, there’s plenty of it let me assure you. There is no legall ground to stand on so i think the best thing one can do, if you’re really bothered by their shit, is to never buy their software and boycott their company. As far as removing their crap their are plenty of sites out there that can help you out. Personally i downloaded a pirate version of their software from kazaa to get rid of it all. That’s my way of saying fuck you.

    Frank (4414e8)

  30. I need address or phone number for spy wiper.

    iko (04a2b1)

  31. As I was using a company computer which prevents unauthorized downloads of any kind when this “attack” occurred I wasn’t so sure something was downloaded. I went into my internet options and changed my homepage back to what it was before, and all is fine now.

    Robin (b802d6)

  32. Hey i would like to say something about spy wiper,You all are one sick ass pricks.You have some nerve to do people like this.Hey whats the world coming to if you can’t use your computer without companys and there assholes messing around with everyones computers.Like one guy said you will pay someday company or not.Hey you are human and companys are run by crazy people that fuck around with other people’s life and their computers.So Spy Wiper you will never get anyone to buy a thing from you.Not me anyway you piece of shit heads

    tom (9ea006)

  33. hi people spy wiper was giving me trouble so i tried spy sweeper so far so good yaw might want to give it a try hope it helps

    marty (0282a8)

  34. here is the link for spy sweeper it has a free trial so far i’ve not had anymore problems

    marty (0282a8)

  35. Your software popped open my cdrom drive and poked my infant in the eye.The emergency room visit will cost you. That was assault
    as far as I’m concerned.You caused this to happen on my machine.You bastard-Cyber terrorists.
    If anyone else has had damage done to things that happened to be in front of the cd-rom draw I urge you all to get your lawyers. Some things cant be replaced.Not only have you hurt my privacy but you have physically hurt someone.I would like one of your representatives to come to my home. we would like to reach out for a settlement.(A nice shot in the eye for starters!)I hope the spywiper company is a very wealthy one.I’m sure others have had things damaged as well.I see lawyers,and courtrooms in your futures.

    J (a894b4)

  36. Bastards!

    SilverLink (0044cb)

  37. Hello,i was infected with all of this bullshit spyware and why cant you just delete every single file dealing with spy ware,beacuse with ours it changed our home page and put pop ups on the hard drive and shit like that so all i did was check all the files that delt with spy ware (spy) in general and deleted every file and as of now im not having troubles….so get back to me with some input on this theory,also i changed the home page to the reg and now the internet is fine so get back to me.

    Kyle Brady (1a7089)

  38. I am glad to see that I am not the only one who is sick and tired of dealing with this garbage. I would like to mention that the company that took me and my computer hostage had no right to do so. I also fail to see the comparison in the airport analogy. Sylvia, you may be laid back , and I am too. However, these people are not doing us any favors. This was not a solicited thing. This was an attack!!!! We all know there are minor problems and loopholes in our systems. But, I for one would rather deal with those on my own. That is better than have some company that thinks that they can,use my time and patience to rid my computer of this garbage. This company and all others like it are total pains in the neck and shoud be fined and then sued for anything else they might have. Hopefully, they will all end up with nothing!!! Oh,and as for you Chris…..Good for you!!!

    Penny (12b9a9)

  39. Kyle,

    I did that too …changed the homepage back to what I originally had it set to. Also deleted all cookies and temp. internet files… Seems okay …for now.

    Silverlink (0044cb)

  40. i’ve had enough of the Spy Wiper bs. this is a big invasion of privacy and shouldn’t be allowed to continue. “advertising” my ass. they’re preying on the ignorant and annoying others to buy their precious software. thanks for all the info here everyone. now i can get rid of this asinine crap.

    MJ (9cd4a6)

  41. btw, they got me through a program called iMesh. for those of you who don’t know, it’s a file swapping peer-to-peer program (mp3s, jpegs, videos, text files, etc.) anyone using a program such as this (kazaa, morpheous, even napster if it still exists) is in danger of being invaded. my friend has a similar problem and it comes up for him whenever he uses AOL Instant Messenger for christ’s sake. use Spybot to get rid of the problem. i heard it was an Alexa file and i had one so it might be the problem. also, search the files on your computer and get rid of anything spywiper related. if i have any more details, i’ll let everyone know.

    MJ (9cd4a6)

  42. Here’s the info for anyone who wants contact information for the spy wiper scumbag:

    Mail Wiper, Inc.
    8725 Roswell Road, #104
    Atlanta, GA 30350
    FAX: 770-518-1519
    PHONE: 770-642-1117

    CEO: Rob Martinson
    email address

    Mail Wiper, Inc. is the company that makes spy wiper. The corporation information is shown on the state of Georgia’s website:

    including his home address!

    More info on my blog here:

    from my blog category about Mail Wiper, Inc. and Spy Wiper. I had a commenter also, an attorney, who is talking about a lawsuit.

    suzi (a9b332)

  43. Suzi is right, that link will take you to SpyWiper’s CEO Rob Martinson’s home address.

    Sylvia, you need to stop posting in here repeatedly that SpyWiper doesn’t do any harm because they do. Most people can’t see it because all their ActiveX scripting is turned on but if you reset it to prompt and load in SpyWiper’s hijack page, you get a system message which reads: “An ActiveX control on this page is not safe. Your current security settings prohibit running unsafe controls on this page. As a result, this page may not display as intended.” This would be the script that forces open the CD rom drive door. I call unsafe ActiveX scripts harmful, Syliva, how about you?

    And James is right, when you attempt to close the popups, they trigger pornographic popups. I’ve never visited a porn site in my life, live alone and no one but me uses this computer, and in 10 years of being on the net, have never had a porno popup until SpyWiper’s hijack.

    nomorespyware (10114d)

  44. I don’t know what spy ware wants except money for their program. I am sorry one display is enough now I feel like many other get your CRAP off here! I only keep my computer on-line to search for jobs and I find it an invasion of my equipment my hard earned money for the cable line and do not feel you should be able to jump on my computer JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO SHOW OFF YOUR STUFF! Please take down my ip adress and make mine exempt from your crap! A lawyer should have you! ANY CROOKED ONES AROUND-_DEMOCRATS HAVE SHIT LOAD RUNNING FOR OFFICE MAYBE ONE OF THEM WOULD want to earn some votes.

    Charles (b52dc8)

  45. i admit that i’m still learning a lot about computers… but is it possible to install too many security devices on your computer such as McAfee, spyhunter, spybot S&D? or can you never be too safe? “spy wiper” got me today and i’m wondering if all this downloading of these programs are needed…thank you.

    carole (84f2d8)

  46. Yea this whole spy wiper bullshit is just a way for that company to make money since they cant sell their shit any other way,they gotta make a virus and infect people so they can sell their product to rid that person of their virus,how genius,not im pretty sure that this is invasion of privcy and can be taken to court about it and win some money…but im not a lawer or anything so what would a simple minded american like myself know…but yea deleting every file that deals with spy wiper has worked for me so i recommend that to anyone before downloading or spending money and shit

    Kyle (1a7089)

  47. I would hope that the idiots at Spy Wiper come to their senses NOW and cease and decist. Washington State has very stiff spam laws and I’m sure would pursue these jerks to the full extent of the law. I’m ready to fly to Atlanta and kick some serious ass myself!!!

    Greg (5045c5)

  48. Carole, Spy Hunter is not a reputable spyware remover either. If you do a google search for it, you will see forum posts about it and the problems that it causes.

    The two best spyware removers are AdAware and Spybot Search & Destroy. Both are free! Donations are accepted, but not required.

    For anyone revisiting this thread, or coming here for the first time, please consider making a complaint to the CDT about spy wiper.

    I think they might be looking into Spy Wiper already and the more complaints, the better!

    suzi (a9b332)

  49. Well well so georgia eh. Good stuff. I can walk out my back door and sue those bastards. Do take note i am looking into a few laws/etc in hopes for a loophole. I feel this is totally unacceptable. Who’s to stay hackers are bad if coporate assholes can get away with it?

    Phuzion (317a9f)

  50. Oh yes and for those that say it is not harmfull. Try running a server while that shit keeps attacking you. or Try using irc while it is running. IRC on 90% of servers will block you at the connection screen and i handle almost all of my business affairs through irc.

    Phuzion (317a9f)

  51. I’m going to SUE them sorry mother fuckers it just opened my CD-Rom drive with my computer cabinet closed and busted it. The drive door went sideways and is jamed now. I never open my CD rom drive until I open my door on my computer Desk

    Steven Edwards (b1fe29)

  52. my comp has just been infected with this spywiper crap- that company PISSES me off!!!

    james clarke (eb989e)


    Martinson, Rob
    Mailwiper Inc.
    8725 Roswell Rd, Suite 104
    Atlanta, Ga 30350

    Phillip (7e8554)

  54. My soninlaw and I have been trying for a week to get rid of this crap spywiper off my computer,and today my cdrom doors came flying open and busted my front cover door off my tower. I think someone aut to have to pay for this. I hope someone gets them back for all this crap. Sylvia we don’t need you running our country!

    dan (2b67b0)

  55. I dont like this Spy Wiper stuff that is on my computer it messes it up ! it says I cant Get on the internet with out havin this thing that recommends you guys to me! I hate it! I cant see my screensaver anymore!~*

    Malibu (04f940)

  56. I dont like this Spy Wiper stuff that is on my computer it messes it up ! it says I cant Get on the internet with out havin this thing that recommends you guys to me! I hate it! I cant see my screensaver anymore!~*

    Malibu (04f940)

  57. [WARNING: Spam comment follows. I have decided to leave it up, but edit it for accuracy. — Patterico]

    Everyone listen to me. I am a complete moron, but I claim I am an employee at something called the OISI. Its online internet saftey infendation. If I weren’t such a putz, I would spell that correctly. Our homepage is You may search it on any searches and see if you think its a spam website. Its a free website and it tells you how to get rid of pc infections. Actually, it doesn’t; I am lying. it is a step by step instruction. there is no downloading,installing, no websites you must go, or any purchasing. Its all reading. Go there check it out, and if you have any question, then call 1212-236-OISI.

    Oh, and did I mention? I am a total idiot. Love, Willis

    willis (8be874)

  58. Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

    Patterico (f7b3e5)

  59. [Comment deleted for pointless profanity]

    SirSmokesAlot (67b980)

  60. All kidding and emotion aside, all of us who have been afected by this intrusion, ie lost time trying to fix, broken cd-rom drawers, purchasing un-needed software to fix problems that were invoked by MailWiper are entitled to some form of compensation. This was an un-wanted, un-invited intrusion into our privacy. It has subject some of to unwanted pornographic material and in other incidences caused CD-rom drawers to fly open, hell could have knocked a candle over and burned my house down. We can ban together and file a class action suit against this company in the state of Georgia. We all have lost something here big, our privacy. I urge anyone who reads this to contact me at or All we need is a lawyer, I would assume in Georgia. My name is Donald Vick and I will be the first one to sign up, WE NEED TO MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF THIS COMPANY BY BANKRUPTING THEM!

    Donald Vick (606555)

  61. I think Spy Wiper is vulnerable to a RICO lawsuit.

    Check out your state’s RICO law. In my state, “computer fraud” is a felony that can trigger RICO liability. The definition of “computer fraud” includes gaining access to someone else’s computer without permission, with the intent to devise any scheme to prevent the authorized use of the “victim” computer, or control property or services by using false promises. “Services” includes computer time. The false promise is that Spy Wiper would work. Opening the CD trays is seizing physical control of the computer. Sue the B*T*DS!!

    Bear (d72c58)

  62. Spy Wiper is a really ignorant company. Many of you probably don’t know it but the opening of the cd-rom is an exploit of Microsoft’s Internet explorer. Something of which Microsoft hasn’t fixed which is uterly rediculous. This exploit has nothing to do with spyware in any way, and so this company is viciously try to sell its product based on false advertisement. No one wants to see their cd-rom drive open byitself. The best way to defeat petty antics such is this is to download a web browser program such as Mozilla – Foxfire who don’t have these crappy exploits and are far superior to internet explorer anyway. The best spyware removal program is lavasofts ad-aware.

    Some links:

    From a forum:

    You can use to locate the Spy Wiper entries. You might want to post the log at’s forums because they’ve dealt with quite a few spy wiper problems there already. It seems to be spreading rapidly.

    Download HijackThis!
    Copy and paste the log in makes into a fprum post. You will be advised of which entires to remove.

    Tromaband (7535c3)

  63. Ok, to follow up on my last post:

    This link will open your cd-rom just to let you know. In internet explorer. Try it.


    download firefox or the normal mozilla and then paste the same link into its web browser. You will effectively see that it does its job. The real company you should be shouting at is Microsoft for not fixing its problems. But, yeah, I hate companies like spy wiper.

    Tromaband (7535c3)

  64. just got hijacked yesterday, looking at options i for one am available for class action . This attack has cost me a lot of time off work as i can’t use my computer . The cd rom popped open and hit my hand while i was holding a full cup of steaming hot coffee it not only caused a burn to my hand but also spilled on my cats face burning her eyes she bolted out the door and i haven’t seen her since. These bastards can’t get away with all the pain they have caused.

    sam (a40cfb)

  65. I agree with sylvia in the sense of a lesson learned but I am totally against the ways they have been doing it… I work on computers and just built my own and doing a small recording business on the side I have multiple expensive optical drives for disk duplication etc… and the things they are doing could potentially cause physical harm to my and others computer as I am running an old alienware style case w a door in front of the drives and I don’t appreciate them having no reguard for that… so yes a good lesson we should all learn but I disagree with the methods and would personally love to see a class action lawsuit against them for all the disc drives they messed up along the way

    i_can_break_it (786b00)

  66. to crybaby cris and all the whiners that agree with him in his whine:you are pen-day-hos..once you are one, you are forever one……you put yourself there,,,,,you. why waste your energy on a learing experience and why blame someone else for your decision? win loose or draw? learn from every failure, learn every time you do it are in charge of you,,,,,you make it work, evry time you do,ppat yourself on the back, every time you fail, remember, it takes courage… try, and try again, and try again… it people,fear no failure, its a teacher……………….travel on!

    kay borup (fa8bca)

    Though the magic of permalinks for comments, I can link directly to a very interesting comment regarding the evil Spy Wiper company. “J” (who in his anger may have been under the mistaken impression that I’m associated with Spy Wiper)…

    Patterico's Pontifications (46f4e3)

  68. Spyware vs Spyware:
    Are pop-ups driving you crazy? Well Sanford Wallace is laughing all the way to the bank. It looks, finally, that some action is being taken against him and his companies…. (75cec2)

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