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Michael Jackson’s attorney Mark Geragos recently said: “We will land on you like a ton of bricks, we will land on you like a hammer, if you do anything to besmirch this man’s reputation.”

In unrelated news, the Los Angeles Dog Trainer today reports that certain unnamed sources say Jeffrey Borer, the XtraJet Executive being investigated in connection with the surreptitious taping of Jackson aboard an XtraJet aircraft, has been an FBI informant for years. The Dog Trainer has also learned that Borer was in federal prison. Borer vigorously denies having been an FBI informant.

The story says: “Geragos could not be reached for comment.” Very interesting, since Mark Geragos is very rarely unavailable for comment. But I’m sure the unnamed sources have no connection to him, or to the threat quoted above.


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SPY WIPER HIJACKING UPDATE: I have noticed that I have been getting a lot of Google hits from people looking for information on Spy Wiper. Apparently due to my recent post about how my browser was hijacked by this company, Patterico is high on the Google list when you search for “Spy Wiper.” Moreover, Patterico is apparently the top site not maintained by the company (and thus the first site that people click on if their browsers were also hijacked).

BoiFromTroy has disclosed that he had the identical thing happen to him, quite recently. He reports that the offending company is called “Mail Wiper, Inc.” and is based in Georgia. Given his report, other similar reports, and the numerous Google searches, I believe that this is an experience many people are having right now. I would therefore like to invite comments on two topics:

1) If you have had your browser hijacked by this company, describe your experience in the comments. Tell us the date and exactly what happened. I sense there is a lot of frustration out there. Please vent it here.

2) I would also like to hear from anyone with insights on what can be done to stop this company’s hijacking of people’s browsers. I am less interested in technical fixes, virus software, etc. and more interested in legal opinions as to steps that can be taken against the company. Is this illegal? To whom should people complain? Any and all relevant suggestions are welcome.

UPDATE: I put a potential fix in the comments. It worked for at least one person. Please leave feedback as to whether it works for you.

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