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When you look up “dislocate” in the dictionary, you see this picture. (Via Dave Barry’s Blog.)


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Dean Esmay is making a pledge not to talk about Michael Jackson for 6 months. He invites others to make similar pledges.

For me, this would be a little like pledging not to discuss toe lint. I have no interest in the subject and don’t expect to. However, having failed at a previous quasi-pledge not to discuss a certain topic (Schiavo), I am reluctant to jump on the pledge bandwagon. I can only pledge not to discuss that which does not interest me.

UPDATE: To clarify for those who like to read things the wrong way, my point is not that I don’t care about child molestation. It is that I don’t care about Michael Jackson.


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Here are .pdf versions of the memos obtained by the Wall Street Journal regarding judicial nominations, as discussed in this post from Sunday. (Via How Appealing.)

In addition to the language I quoted on Sunday, there’s more gold in these. For example, take this quote by a Democrat staffer: “most of Bush’s nominees are nazis.” Or the quote that certain civil rights organizations “would like to postpone actions on these nominees until next year, when (presumably) the public will be more tolerant of partisan dissent.”

Such predictably cynical sentiments. . . Read it all.


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That is, if you oppose the ridiculous law providing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. According to this Sacramento Bee story, Burton says the grassroots efforts to reverse this silly law are “fueled by racism”:

“I say the issue is racism,” the San Francisco Democrat told reporters Tuesday. “Do you think if these people were white and not brown skinned we would be talking about it? I don’t.”

(Via The Southern California Law Blog.)


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Beldar Blog reports on this New York Times article, which states:

The Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency is scheduled to take up a resolution this week by France, Germany and Britain that seeks to compel Iran to halt enrichment and reprocessing of uranium and holds out the lure of cooperation, including sharing nuclear technology for civilian use.

Sounds good to me. Make the same deal with Al Qaeda too, and we will have gone a long way towards peace in our time.

Taking a page from the book of the mayor of Londontown, I say: Europe may well be “the greatest threat to life on this planet” whose policies will “doom us to extinction.”

P.S. Beldar says:

I would very much like to see each Democratic presidential candidate asked the following yes/no question: “Do you support the notion of ‘sharing nuclear technology for civilian use’ with Iran?”

Me, too. Ain’t holding my breath.

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