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As of yesterday, the site has had over 10,000 unique visitors.

UPDATE: That’s according to Site Meter. According to Extreme Tracking (which I think I installed earlier), I passed 10,000 several days ago.

I was also interested to learn that almost half of those 10,000 visitors are from last month. I had almost as many visitors in October as I had the entire year leading up to October. So things are really picking up.

Thanks for reading.

UPDATE: A reader says my Schiavo coverage is responsible for the increase in traffic, and praises my decision to ignore the boycott by my long-time reader. I don’t know whether the Schiavo coverage is the sole explanation, but whatever the reason, I appreciate the interest.

Also, I am happy to report that the long-time reader’s boycott is (I believe) over, despite my persistence with the Schiavo story.

Now let’s all hold hands and sing Kumbayah.


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The London Times quotes the mayor of London as saying that George W. Bush is “the greatest threat to life on this planet” whose policies will “doom us to extinction.” (Via The Interocitor.)

I thought the greatest threat to life on this planet was British food.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger is now our Governor. If I could give Governor Schwarzenegger any advice on how best to succeed, I would tell him:

* Keep state money flowing to the local governments for basic local services like police and fire departments. If you don’t, the backlash will be broad and fierce.

* Don’t let your success be defined by things you can’t control — such as whether you can work with the Democratic majority in the Legislature. President Bush made this mistake when he promised to “change the tone” in Washington. He reached out to your uncle Teddy on several issues. Now Teddy Kennedy is saying that the justification for the Iraq war was a “fraud” that was “made up in Texas.” You can’t control the pit of Democratic vipers in Sacramento. Go above their heads to the people.

* You ran on an image of leadership. Live up to that image. There are tough choices to make. Don’t dodge these difficult decisions. Make them, and justify them to the people. This will not be easy. You must show strength and determination. If you do this, the people will follow.

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