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Yesterday, I wrote a post that purported to quote the demand letter sent by Infotel lawyers to Justene Adamec. (For the background, see her post here.) The letter was (I thought) a clear parody of the Nigerian e-mail scams that practically everyone on Earth has received in their in-boxes at one time or another.

Nevertheless, some guy named uppedante came completely unhinged and started posting comments calling me a racist all over the place (so far I have seen them here, here, and here). On Calblog, uppedante called the letter a “desperately needy and awkward attempt at thinly-disguised racial humor.” And on Xrlq’s site, he called it a “pathetic attempt at racial humor.” And on the leftist Atrios blog, uppedante said the letter “absoltuely reeked of smarmy racism.”

If I “absoltuely” must explain the joke, I refer you to, where the Nigerian e-mail scam is discussed. If you read the link, you will see that the Nigerian e-mails are poorly-written letters from stupid con artists who are obsessed with making a buck at any cost. I can openly say such nasty things about Nigerian scam artists, who will almost certainly not serve me with a frivolous lawsuit.

At least the Angry Clam got it.

Finally, because I am all about bringing people together, I would like to introduce uppedante to another clueless buffoon who trolls comment boards making inane, insulting, and inaccurate statements. Uppedante, meet Dim the Army Janitor.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

UPDATE: The real letter is at Xrlq’s site, here. I leave it to you to decide which letter (the parody or the real thing) contains more grammatical mistakes and generally idiotic statements. I know what my vote is.

UPDATE x2: I have to admit, the contents of this letter are amusing.

For instance, as an example of “invasion of privacy” this lawyer quotes a comment that states: “Suffice it to say that the head honcho Gofdon Frank, drives a Porsche, late model of course, and owns a Harley Davidson.” By terming it an “invasion of privacy” the lawyer, of course, confirms this information — but how could publishing what a guy drives be an invasion of privacy anyway??

And then there is a line in the letter referring to a recording a commenter claimed was made up by the company. Here is the line from the letter, complete with a “sic” added by the lawyer: “I’m confident that we can make them go away, but hopefully putting [sic] the recording up will help others.” Apparently the lawyer was disturbed by the correct spelling of “putting.”

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