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Here’s a story you’ll never see in the Los Angeles Dog Trainer, but that did appear in the L.A. Daily News: Is L.A. Soft on Illegals?. The story recounts how Daryl Gates ordered LAPD officers to “stop asking suspects, witnesses and victims about their immigration status.” The policy might make sense for witnesses and victims, but for suspects?

The most amazing thing in the article is this:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers stationed in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Twin Towers Correctional Facility check the immigration status of inmates and decide whether to deport them when their term is finished, jail Lt. Tim Murphy said.

Decide whether to deport illegal immigrants who are in jail?

Look, I understand that we don’t have the resources to deport all illegal immigrants. But it seems like a no-brainer to start with the criminals. If a single immigration agent is worrying himself with illegals who have not already been convicted of a crime serious enough to warrant jail time, while illegals are being deliberately released from jail, there is something seriously wrong.

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