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Yesterday, I wrote a post that purported to quote the demand letter sent by Infotel lawyers to Justene Adamec. (For the background, see her post here.) The letter was (I thought) a clear parody of the Nigerian e-mail scams that practically everyone on Earth has received in their in-boxes at one time or another.

Nevertheless, some guy named uppedante came completely unhinged and started posting comments calling me a racist all over the place (so far I have seen them here, here, and here). On Calblog, uppedante called the letter a “desperately needy and awkward attempt at thinly-disguised racial humor.” And on Xrlq’s site, he called it a “pathetic attempt at racial humor.” And on the leftist Atrios blog, uppedante said the letter “absoltuely reeked of smarmy racism.”

If I “absoltuely” must explain the joke, I refer you to, where the Nigerian e-mail scam is discussed. If you read the link, you will see that the Nigerian e-mails are poorly-written letters from stupid con artists who are obsessed with making a buck at any cost. I can openly say such nasty things about Nigerian scam artists, who will almost certainly not serve me with a frivolous lawsuit.

At least the Angry Clam got it.

Finally, because I am all about bringing people together, I would like to introduce uppedante to another clueless buffoon who trolls comment boards making inane, insulting, and inaccurate statements. Uppedante, meet Dim the Army Janitor.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

UPDATE: The real letter is at Xrlq’s site, here. I leave it to you to decide which letter (the parody or the real thing) contains more grammatical mistakes and generally idiotic statements. I know what my vote is.

UPDATE x2: I have to admit, the contents of this letter are amusing.

For instance, as an example of “invasion of privacy” this lawyer quotes a comment that states: “Suffice it to say that the head honcho Gofdon Frank, drives a Porsche, late model of course, and owns a Harley Davidson.” By terming it an “invasion of privacy” the lawyer, of course, confirms this information — but how could publishing what a guy drives be an invasion of privacy anyway??

And then there is a line in the letter referring to a recording a commenter claimed was made up by the company. Here is the line from the letter, complete with a “sic” added by the lawyer: “I’m confident that we can make them go away, but hopefully putting [sic] the recording up will help others.” Apparently the lawyer was disturbed by the correct spelling of “putting.”


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I don’t have the energy to participate in this Talk Like Your Governor Day thing all day long. For me, humor comes rarely, in quick bursts, and takes too much energy to keep up constantly. (Plus, when I do attempt humor, people sometimes don’t get it — see the post above for one example.) But here is one post honoring the day, in anticipation of this afternoon’s inauguration:

I am happy to be here in the Sacramento, so much closer to Stanford, where you know I have been spending some time lately and all those kinds of things.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


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This Steve Lopez column about some eighth graders visiting a fancy restaurant as a reward for academic diligence rang a bell with me. He relates that, at the meal, one of the students asked an assistant principal if she had ever seen someone shot in the head. Lopez says that another student spoke up, and another.

And now it seemed as if everyone at the table had a story about a shooting. The student next to me said he had been shot at and was with a friend who was shot and killed, and he proceeded to go into great and graphic detail about the gang activity in his neighborhood.

This reminded me of a similar question I once asked of fifth-graders in Compton. I was teaching a weekly class about the criminal justice system, and there was a skit that involved someone being shot. I asked the students to raise their hands if they had ever heard gunfire from their houses.

Every hand in the room went up.

I asked them to raise their hands if a family member or friend had been shot.

Every hand but two went up.

Again, these were fifth-graders.

I don’t have a simple solution, but this is a pretty good indication of what the problem is.


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Here’s a story you’ll never see in the Los Angeles Dog Trainer, but that did appear in the L.A. Daily News: Is L.A. Soft on Illegals?. The story recounts how Daryl Gates ordered LAPD officers to “stop asking suspects, witnesses and victims about their immigration status.” The policy might make sense for witnesses and victims, but for suspects?

The most amazing thing in the article is this:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers stationed in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Twin Towers Correctional Facility check the immigration status of inmates and decide whether to deport them when their term is finished, jail Lt. Tim Murphy said.

Decide whether to deport illegal immigrants who are in jail?

Look, I understand that we don’t have the resources to deport all illegal immigrants. But it seems like a no-brainer to start with the criminals. If a single immigration agent is worrying himself with illegals who have not already been convicted of a crime serious enough to warrant jail time, while illegals are being deliberately released from jail, there is something seriously wrong.


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ANTICIPATING THE BERLIN PHIL: The New York Times offers this account of the Berlin Philharmonic’s Carnegie Hall appearances under Simon Rattle. It’s whetting my appetite for the upcoming Disney Hall concert by the Berliners (they are giving two, but I am attending only one.)

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