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QUIZ: Pick the best answer.

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QUIZ: Pick the best answer. Recently, Al Sharpton:

1) Finally admitted Steven Pagones didn’t rape Tawana Brawley, and said he would pay the judgment he owes Pagones for defamation, instead of buying another expensive new suit for the next presidential debate.

2) Apologized for his role in instigating deadly race riots in New York City.

3) Said that Democrats should not filibuster Janice Rogers Brown.

You probably already know the answer, but if you don’t, it’s here.


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WELCOME TO “HOW APPEALING” READERS: Thanks to How Appealing for linking to my post below on Judge O’Scannlain’s Federalist Society talk. Welcome to any readers who found their way here from How Appealing. If you enjoy what you read here, please bookmark the site, drop me an e-mail, and visit again.


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BEAR FLAG LEAGUE MERCHANDISE HAS ARRIVED: Yesterday I received the Bear Flag League merchandise that I had ordered from The Bear Flag League Store. Coffee cups, a shirt, and a mouse pad. It all looks very sharp. As the holiday season approaches, these are obvious gifts for your friends who enjoy conservative internet commentary.

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