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CHEAP FLIGHTS: Courtesy of Xrlq

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CHEAP FLIGHTS: Courtesy of Xrlq comes this information: $200* round-trip flights to England. I hate to sound like an advertising guy, but that’s pretty good.

*$300 with fees.

Run, Mary, Run: Mary Carey

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RUN, MARY, RUN: Mary Carey is making a, uh, film about her run for Governor. As shown in this workplace-safe photo, Cruz Bustamante will be played by porn star Ron Jeremy. The resemblance is striking, at least from the waist up. (Via Throwing Things and Pathetic Earthlings.)

According to confidential unreliable sources, Gray Davis lobbied to play himself in the film. “The women in the movie are all taxpayers, right?” Davis was overheard pleading to producers. “Nobody has more experience screwing California taxpayers than I do.”


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DEBKA SAYS NYC, DC, LA TARGETED SOON: Yesterday DEBKA warned: “A new message was posted in the last few hours by the Jeddah-based al-Qaeda-linked Al-Islah (Reform) society calling on Muslims to flee New York, Washington and Los Angeles in advance of major al Qaeda attacks in those cities.” (Via Tonecluster.)

I’d flee if it weren’t for this damn day job. Stupid eight-hour work day. First I can’t listen to Hugh Hewitt, and now this.

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