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DAILY WHIRL AND THE COMMISSAR ADD PATTERICO: Patterico has been added to The Daily Whirl, a site that provides headlines from over 100 legal news and information sites. Patterico sez: check it out.

Another interesting site that recently added Patterico to its blogroll is The Politburo Diktat, whose motto is: “Exposing Imperialist Lackeys, Capitalist Reactionaries, and Zionist Running Dogs.” The site is well represented by this post endorsing Al Sharpton for President, for reasons including his defamation of Steve Pagones, his praise of Fidel Castro, and his role in starting race riots in New York City. Reset the levels on your Irony Tolerance Meter and pay the Commissar a visit.


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SO-CALLED “DEBATE” OVER CONSTITUTIONALITY OF PARTIAL-BIRTH ABORTION BAN ACT: Xrlq and I have a “debate” about the constitutionality of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act up at It is called: “Banning Partial Birth Abortion: Congress v. SCOTUS…” and you can read it by clicking here.

Xrlq and I are pretty much in agreement that it is not really a “debate,” because neither of us takes issue with the position of the other. It’s more of an exploration of the statute’s constitutionality from different angles. But people who read it seem to think it’s a debate. As Xrlq says, it doesn’t matter what you call it. Just read it.

It’s an honor to have something published at If you don’t visit this site regularly, you should.


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BEAR FLAG MERCHANDISE IS HERE!: Get your Bear Flag League merchandise at The Bear Flag League Store at I have ordered several items already, and look forward to drinking my coffee from my BFL coffee mug.

Kudos to Jeff of The Southern California Law Blog and Justene of Calblog for getting the store up so quickly. Once you have ordered your BFL merchandise, go visit their sites.

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