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MORE SCHIAVO INFO: Via Mickey Kaus comes this April 2003 story on Terri Schiavo — packed with information I had not read previously. For example, a childhood friend named Diane Meyer testified that Terri

once uncharacteristically lost her temper when Meyer told a joke about Karen Quinlan. “What is the state vegetable of New Jersey?” Meyer asked Terri in the summer of 1982. The punch line was “Karen Ann Quinlan.”

“She said the joke wasn’t funny and did not approve of what was going on in the Quinlan case,” Meyer testified, referring to the legal battle to remove the woman from life support. “I remember one of the things she said is, ‘How did they know she would want this?'”

Other friends and relatives testified that Terri described Michael Schiavo as “mentally abusive,” and repeatedly talked about divorcing him, as late as days before her collapse. Also, as mentioned on this blog before, a guardian ad litem was appointed who “concluded that he had not found clear and convincing evidence that Terri would have rejected life support.” The probate judge rejected this recommendation.

New to me was this astounding evidence:

The Schindlers had contacted a woman Michael dated in 1991 who told them Michael had confessed to her he did not know what Terri would want. Although the woman refused to sign an affidavit, it bought the Schindlers some time. And with it, they found Trudy Capone.

A former co-worker of Michael’s, Capone signed an affidavit on May 9, 2001, stating “Michael confided in me all the time about Terri . . . He said to me many times that he had no idea what her wishes were.”

How was some probate judge able to find “clear and convincing evidence” of her wish to die, given these facts??

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    Here is a link to a site that everyone fighting to save Terri Schiavo’s life should put in their favorites.

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