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GO NAT! GO NAT!: The final chapter of Nat Hentoff’s three-part defense of Charles Pickering appeared today at this link. (Read about the first two installments here.) Hentoff begins:

I write this final column on Charles Pickering because, in some 50 years as a reporter, I have seldom seen such reckless, unfair, and repeated attacks on a person — not only by Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee but also by organizations that gather financial contributions because of their proclaimed dedication to civil rights, civil liberties, and honest research. (People for the American Way, Alliance for Justice, et al.)

This is stern stuff coming from Hentoff, a lifelong liberal. But the sternest stuff comes at the end of the column, as Hentoff says that certain liberals’ very reputations depend on the outcome of the vote on Pickering:

Not only Pickering’s nomination rides on this nomination. So do the reputations of those Pickering opponents who demonize him. And that includes The New York Times‘ editorial writers. Now, on the floor, how many Democrats will vote for Pickering?

Ironically enough, the answer came today, even before Hentoff’s column came online:

Senate Republicans on Thursday failed to break a Democratic filibuster of U.S. District Judge Charles Pickering’s promotion to the federal appeals court, continuing a two-year standoff tinged with accusations of racial, religious and regional politics.

So much for the reputations of Chuckie S. and his pals at the New York Times — in Hentoff’s eyes. In the eyes of many of us, their reputations were shot to hell years ago.

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