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BARKING MOONBATS ON THE RECALL: Troublemaker Mark Ridley-Thomas and “Expert on Everything”™ Erwin Chemerinsky have a joint op-ed in this morning’s Dog Trainer titled Now That It’s Finally Over, Let’s Revamp the Recall.

They make a number of suggestions, starting with this one: “First, it is far too easy to qualify a recall for the ballot.” This is clearly a major problem, since the state had to spend millions on a recall that, ultimately, was unsuccessful and changed nothing in Sacramento.

Right, Erwin? Is that the problem, Mark?

They state that their “most important” suggestion is that, “in the event of a recall, there should be no race for a successor.” Rather, they argue, the lieutenant governor should succeed the governor in the event of a successful recall. Their reasoning? “We believe this would dramatically depoliticize the recall process.”

Like the guy on the mattress commercials says: “Hey, Erwin!” The recall process is a political process! When a law professor starts talking about how he wants to “depoliticize” a political process, that’s when you should get nervous.

Ridley-Thomas and Chemerinsky end with this lovely speech:

We know that everyone is exhausted from the events of the last few months, and it is tempting to pretend that this was a unique political earthquake never to be repeated and to just move on. But we owe it to the future of California to learn from what we have experienced and to create a better recall process.

Ignore the whole thing.

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