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As fresh potatoes first noted, on October 5 (before the election) the Los Angeles Dog Trainer printed an absurd article claiming that bureaucrats would defy Arnold if he tried to reverse the car tax by executive order. (As noted here, the Dog Trainer soon reversed itself without acknowledging that it had done so.)

The original article reported the startling news that “Jon Coupal, president of the [Howard Jarvis] taxpayers association, acknowledged that rescinding the hike could require court action.” This sure seemed like a confirmation of the Dog Trainer‘s ridiculous premise. After all, it had been widely assumed that what the Governor had done by fiat, could be reversed by fiat. For the president of the state’s principal anti-tax group to say that court action would be required was a big deal — and flew directly in the face of what the Republican candidates were saying.

The problem is that Coupal never said this. Coupal immediately disputed the statement in a letter to the editor, which (as far as I can tell) was not printed in the Dog Trainer. The letter was reproduced at on October 7. (Scroll down to entries for 10/7/03 — no permalinks). Coupal’s letter stated:

Dear Editor: In your October 5 edition, Jennifer Oldham, in her story on efforts to roll back the car tax, says, “But Jon Coupal, president of the [Howard Jarvis] taxpayers association, acknowledged that rescinding the hike could require court action.”

I did not acknowledge, say, state, imply, or even hint that this might be the case. As an attorney and expert in tax policy, it is my unequivocal opinion that a new governor can rescind the illegal raising of the car tax with the stroke of a pen.

Sincerely, Jon Coupal – President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Why am I discussing this now? Because yesterday, October 18 — 13 days after the original article was published, and 11 days after Coupal’s letter was printed at — the Dog Trainer finally printed this correction:

Vehicle license fee — “An Oct. 5 story in Section A said that Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assn., acknowledged that rescinding the state car-tax hike could require court action. While Coupal acknowledges that a rollback of the car-tax hike could be challenged in court, he believes that the governor does, in fact, have the power to rescind it.”

Hey, these things take time. We all know how thorough the Dog Trainer is. Better incredibly, inexcusably late than never . . . right?


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FRESH XML POTATOES: Spooky at fresh potatoes has a new XML feed. Add him to your aggregator now — I just did. If you don’t have an aggregator, or don’t know what I’m talking about, visit him anyway (and then learn about the aggregator I use here.)


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