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VOLOKH ON EASTERBROOK: As usual, Volokh has a sensible opinion. Calm down, folks!

UPDATE: isntapundit is right too. (Via Daily Pundit.)

UPDATE x2: Dean Esmay is not only also right, but puts it very well, calling the criticism of Easterbrook “over-the-top outraged bloviating.” I love that word.


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LOCKYER COMES OUT OF THE CLOSET: Democrat Bill “More Prison Rape” Lockyer voted for Arnold. (Via Wizbang — via The Southern California Law Blog.)

Asked why he didn’t vote for Mr. N-Word Cruz Bustamante, Lockyer said: “You know the people in your profession really well. You know who works hard and who doesn’t. Cops know that about cops. Doctors know that about doctors. I know that about politicians.”


UPDATE: Weintraub omits this comment and says: “Lockyer didn’t directly criticize Bustamante Saturday but said he looked at the list of candidates and it was ‘a crappy list.'” A little misleading, Dan! The comment above is close enough to “direct criticism” to tell your readers about!

People make mistakes, but I have a deeper concern here: are the editors, with their hyperprotective attitude towards Mr. N-Word, keeping the truth from us? (An admittedly paranoid concern, but when you’re talking about newspaper editors, a little paranoia is realistic and healthy.) Or (more likely) did Dan just miss this? I’ve e-mailed Weintraub to find out. (Do they edit his e-mails?)

UPDATE x2: Weintraub wrote back to say that I had a good point. He said that Lockyer had made the comments after his speech, while Weintraub was still blogging. He said he didn’t catch up to the comments until later, and said he would do an update. The update is now on the site.

Pretty quick work, too. The update was up within a half-hour after he wrote me back. Which makes me wonder: did Weintraub have to call his editor on a Sunday morning to run this minor update by him? Does he have some freedom to post certain items without editing? If so, does that freedom apply only to items certain not to raise P.C. hackles? Inquiring minds want to know.

UPDATE x3: Inquiring minds won’t find out. I e-mailed Weintraub with the question, and wasn’t surprised that he (very politely) declined to discuss his arrangement with his editors.


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SHOW US YOUR TALL MAN: Nothing says “Boston” like this picture.

SCHIAVO: I am not forgetting

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SCHIAVO: I am not forgetting about Terri Schiavo. How could I? I have sent an e-mail to a friend from college who is a neurologist and a hell of a smart guy, asking him to look at the videos and tell me his opinion. If I hear back, and he says it’s okay to publish it, I’ll let you know what he says.


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FIND THE MAN’S HEAD: This is kind of fun. It took me a little over 5 seconds. (Maybe closer to 10, on reflection. I didn’t time myself.)

But no pressure.

P.S.: I think I see a finger in there too.

MUSIC QUIZ: Since I have

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MUSIC QUIZ: Since I have a few new readers, I thought I might send you to this music quiz that I posted back in March. It’s one question: can you identify the piece? You need some working media player and speakers.

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