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HUGH HEWITT ON THE POWER OF THE BLOGOSPHERE: Hugh Hewitt’s Weekly Standard piece on the Los Angeles Dog Trainer is now available here. My favorite quote relates to the power of the internet to affect the bias inside the newsrooms:

The left-leaning newsroom isn’t going to be corrected by editors sending memos, but by market forces feeding on the Internet’s destruction of the oligopoly in news distribution. Stewart pens her article, I link to it here, it’s then blogged by folks who never visit her site, and it gets posted and chewed over at various bulletin boards everywhere from FreeRepublic to DemocraticUnderground. The Times can neither make the story go away nor spin it because opinion elites no longer depend upon news elites to set the table. They can order in.

Patterico plans to remain right here, serving up the truth at discount prices.

SCHIAVO: I heard on the

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SCHIAVO: I heard on the radio today that the starvation and dehydration of Terri Schindler-Schiavo has begun. She is the woman whose situation I discuss below.

I have looked extensively at the site her family has put together in an effort to save her life. The family has made videos of her, in defiance of an order from the judge in the case forbidding the family from providing her rehabilitative care or taking pictures or video of her. (What kind of an order is that?) Her husband’s lawyer compares her to a “houseplant.” It’s clearly not true. Watch the videos.

I have searched the web for the other side to this story. I am just not seeing it. Here are the arguments I have seen or heard in support of the husband’s position. All seem easily refuted:

Schiavo says his wife wanted to die. I have seen no contradiction of the following facts: She has executed no living will. Her husband argued to a jury that he wanted to rehabilitate her and bring her home, and he collected big — $1.3 million. About $750,000 of that went into a trust fund, the remainder of which he will inherit if she dies. Just months after the dough hit the bank, he claimed that she had told him she would not want to live by artificial means. He is the only witness to this statement. Meanwhile, he has ordered nurses not to provide stimulation, has not kept his promise to the jury to provide rehabilitative care, and has gotten the courts to order the family not to provide such care either. He has been heard repeatedly wondering aloud when she will die. A nurse has executed an affidavit quoting him as saying, “When is she going to die,” “Has she died yet?” and “When is that bitch going to die?

The courts have ruled for Schiavo. True enough. The courts also gave O.J. custody of his children. The courts sometimes screw up. The courts say she is in a “persistent vegetative state.” Watch the videos.

Court-appointed doctors say she isn’t responsive. Watch the videos.

If she were on Death Row, Governor Jeb Bush could issue a reprieve. But she’s not being killed for having murdered someone, so the governor is powerless to help her.

My invitation to present the other side remains. Meanwhile, Terri Schindler-Schiavo has begun the agonizing process of starving to death, starting at 2 p.m. EDT today.


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DOG TRAINER UNDER SIEGE: I find I am currently interested in nothing other than the ongoing saga of how the Los Angeles Dog Trainer came to publish (and defend its decision to publish) the Arnold hit piece.

Hugh Hewitt is promising a Weekly Standard column on the topic tomorrow. We have the results of Mickey Kaus’s investigation to look forward to. As I have said, the story isn’t going away. I’ll keep you up to date.

Sometimes I think I should change the slogan of this blog from “Harangues that just make sense” to something like “Refuting Los Angeles Times propaganda in my spare time.”


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KAUS ON THE JILL STEWART PIECE: Mickey Kaus is deferring comment on Jill Stewart’s explosive piece that I discussed last night, saying: “In a sudden flare-up of journalistic responsibility, I’m staying out of this one until I try some reporting of my own.”

Kaus doesn’t need exclamation points to convey irony! In any event, the potential for some independent reporting on Stewart’s story is an interesting development. I predicted last night that this story is not going away; that prediction is already sounding prescient.

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