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E-MAIL ADDRESS ENCRYPTION: Today I changed my template to encrypt my e-mail address using the Dynamic Drive Email Riddler. As the inventors explain: “Email Riddler is an online tool that encrypts and transform your email address into a series of numbers when displaying it, making it virtually impossible for spam harvesters to crawl and add your email to their list.” I recommend this tool to bloggers, to reduce spam.


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DO NOT CALL OR I DO NOT BE POLITE: I hung up on my first telemarketer this morning. I have always been polite and said, “no thank you” — but I feel differently now that I have signed up for the Do Not Call list. I signed up for the list after 9/1, so legally telemarketers can still call me for a while. But they shouldn’t. Responsible telemarketers should take steps to get the newest list possible, and should not call people on the list, even if they can do so legally. So this morning, as soon as I learned it was a telemarketer, I hung up without a word.

I don’t know if I’ll continue to do this or not; I understand the callers are working for a living, and I’m generally a polite person. But I feel entitled to now.


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IT’S IMPOSSIBLE, BY WHICH I MEAN TO SAY, IT’LL JUST TAKE A SNAP OF THE FINGERS: fresh potatoes has the scoop on a fairly major contradiction in our local Dog Trainer, which two days before the election said the car tax could not be repealed by fiat, in an article titled Efforts to Roll Back Car Tax Likely to Stall, Experts Say:

A new California governor probably could not rescind a recent tripling of the car tax within hours of taking office, experts say, contrary to repeated claims by two leading candidates in the recall election.

The candidates making those claims were, of course, the Republicans. Stupid Republican candidates with their repeated incorrect claims! You know what to do to them come election time, readers!

Now that the election is over and the car tax will easily be repealed by fiat, the Dog Trainer sings an ever-so-slightly different tune with its article titled: Bringing Car Tax Down Is Easy; Keeping It Down May Be Hard.

Hmmmmmm. I’m rubbing my eyes here . . . Did I read that right? I thought the “bringing it down” part was the hard part?! Apparently not any more. The article opens by saying:

With a snap of his fingers, Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger can roll back state vehicle license fees the instant he takes office — contrary to what the Los Angeles Times reported just days ago.

Well, okay, I made up that last part in bold. Actually, the story nowhere acknowledges that the Dog Trainer had reported the exact opposite story just days ago — two days before the election.

PrestoPundit asks a good question: “Does John Carroll ever get embarrassed?” But I have a different question: is it just coincidence that the story changed now that the election is over?


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LOU GRANT ON ALL-TIME TOP MASS MURDERER JOSEPH STALIN: The Rantblogger reports that Ed Asner has said: “I think Joe Stalin was a guy that was hugely misunderstood.”

What did we misunderstand, Ed? Did he kill more than 40 million people?

Ed Asner is, of course, one of the people on the long list of Hollywood liberals I compiled in response to Tim Rutten’s statement that “liberal Hollywood” is just “mythology.”

UPDATE: The guy who made the claim about Asner has retracted it. The retraction is bizarre, and worth reading. It makes you wonder how in the world the guy ever reported this to begin with. Anyway, I am leaving my original post up along with this update, as a lesson that you can’t believe everything you read.

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