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YET ANOTHER STEVE LOPEZ SCREED COLUMN: Steve Lopez is the guy is so desperate to force his thoughts down readers’ throats, he has said he is prepared to reach into his massive pile of jack and start buying papers for the people who have canceled their subscriptions. This morning, seeing his fourth column in as many days, I wondered whether he is now so anxious to share his insights with the world that he has decided to earn his $300,000 per year by writing a daily column. Could it be?

Then I saw that his regular days are switching from Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday to Wednesday/Friday/Sunday. I guess this is just transition week.

The content is typical Lopez: predictably narcisstic (the word “I” appears a couple dozen times) and glibly snide. Lopez recounts how he called Arnold spokesman Sean Walsh and said: “I want to be the first one to hear the fiscal relief and rescue plan.” After quoting Walsh as saying that Arnold’s plan will not be complete “[u]ntil he sees the books,” Lopez tells his readers:

Wait a minute. I thought Arnold had been telling us for two months that he knew exactly what Sacramento needed. And by the way, the books are already open, and they always have been.

This is a great soundbite for the limousine liberals who devour Robert Scheer’s columns. But accurate? Steve Lopez, meet Daniel Weintraub, who recently wrote:

But unlike skeptics who laugh off the audit as a meaningless delaying tactic, I think it would be useful to have in one place at one time a comprehensive analysis of all the shifts and diversions in the budget — legal and illegal — to give us a complete sense of the state’s fiscal condition. The Legislative Analyst has done some of this kind of work, but I have seen nothing yet that lays out the entire picture in context.

With every passing day, Lopez slides further and further towards an emulation of the lazy, corrupt journalism of Robert Scheer: sacrificing accuracy and fairness in favor of increasingly predictable and partisan one-liners.


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HARASSING THE SPAMBOTS: If you are a spambot, take that! and that! and that! and that!

If you are a human, you need not click on any of the links — unless you are curious how they cause distress to spambots, in which case you should click on the first link to learn more.

THE BEAR GUY: Three letters

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THE BEAR GUY: Three letters about the guy killed by bears in Alaska: two people who get it, and one clueless boob (second letter). As the former park ranger who wrote the first letter notes, the worst thing this guy did was to habituate a number of bears to humans, “possibly endangering other people and bears through his actions.” The only thing I don’t understand is why he hadn’t been banned from the park for his repeated and deliberate violations of park rules.

“SCHWARZENEGGER”: Has anyone else noticed

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“SCHWARZENEGGER”: Has anyone else noticed that the Dog Trainer has suddenly found room for Arnold’s last name in the headlines, rather than using the term “actor”?

No, you say, we haven’t. Because we canceled our subscription.

And I think that it’s these cancellations that has caused the change in the headlines.

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