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CALBLOG “BEAR FLAG” GROUP BLOG: It’s not too late to get a nice cross-section of Bear Flagger opinion on the recall over at Calblog, which has been hosting a Bear Flag group blog all day.


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ARNOLD’S MANDATE: As we wave bye-bye to the Closet Wacko, let us keep fully in mind his claim that this recall was “an insult to the 8 million people who went to the polls last November and decided I should be governor.” As many have pointed out, the suggestion that 8 million people voted for Davis is not true; only about 3.5 million (47% of 7.5 million) did.

As the numbers come in, the interesting calculation will be how many Californians voted for Arnold. It looks like he got a much larger percentage — a majority, in fact — of a much larger turnout. We don’t know the exact numbers yet. The only thing we know for sure now is that it was a lot more than Davis got in November.

P.S. In fact, there were also a lot more votes for Arnold than there were against the recall — so Democrats can’t even use the canard that Davis got more votes than the new Governor.

So much for the Terry McAuliffe “stealing elections” nonsense.

UPDATE: The morning after the election, the Secretary of State’s election returns are showing a less decisive plurality for Arnold. He is still outpolling “no on recall” votes, and still looks on track to pull in more votes than Davis did in November.


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RETALIACRATS ON T.V. RIGHT NOW: Gray Davis is giving his victory speech, and the Retaliacrats in the audience are booing Arnold (interesting — some boos you can actually hear, unlike these) and chanting for a recall.

This election result is feeling better and better with every passing minute.

More joy to come as the blatherers from the Dog Trainer start whining about the petulance of the electorate, Peter Jennings style.

The next few days are gonna be fun.


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GRAY FINALLY GETS SOME GOOD NEWS: If you click on just one link from this blog today, click on this one.

KAUS: Voted for Arnold.

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KAUS: Voted for Arnold.

SORRY: Sorry I wasted your

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SORRY: Sorry I wasted your time on how the ACLU might proceed on a request for an injunction against the election results. That issue is dead. ACLU lawyers can pack their bags and go home. They can never prove any alleged problems would make a difference.

To me, the only interesting issue left in this election is: who came in sixth?

UPDATE: The results are here. Peter Ueberroth was sixth. Mary Carey and Larry Flynt both outpolled Bill Simon.

BREAKING OLDS: Well, it’s hardly

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BREAKING OLDS: Well, it’s hardly “news” (except perhaps to the Los Angeles Dog Trainer) when repeated and decisive poll results are validated. . . Anyway, Fox News has called the election for the recall and for Arnold.


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“DUF” DUFFS COMMENT ON WILLIE BROWN: I am tired of watching people who should know better, saying things that are just wrong. I just watched California GOP Chairman Duf Sundheim on Fox News, claiming that Willie Brown has said that a recall of Arnold would be “totally unjustified.”

Totally wrong, Duf! As I pointed out in a post in which I renamed Democrats “Retaliacrats,” Brown all but pledged to start a recall of any Republican elected to replace Davis. People need to know this, because it says so much about the Retaliacrat Party.

LANDSLIDE: Drudge is predicting a

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LANDSLIDE: Drudge is predicting a landslide for recall and for the Gropinator. I am off to watch Fox News declare the election.


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WHO ARE THE REAL “SENIOR DEMOCRATIC STRATEGISTS”?: Bill Bradley of the L.A. Weekly has become a must-read on the recall, and his latest column is no exception. (Hat tip: fresh potatoes.) Bradley reports:

Senior Democratic strategists knew the particulars of last Thursday’s L.A. Times exposé on Arnold Schwarzenegger well in advance of the story’s publication, the Weekly has learned from well-informed sources. This knowledge came not only in advance of publication but also before anyone outside a close circle at the Times knew of the story’s timing and particulars.

While the Times insists that its reporting uncovered the allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of Schwarzenegger, there can be no doubt that advance knowledge of the story was very helpful to Governor Gray Davis’ efforts to retain his office in the recall election.

Bradley says that “senior Democratic strategists” knew what only a close circle of Dog Trainer reporters and editors knew. Isn’t this redundant? After all, the Dog Trainer reporters and editors have essentially been acting as “senior Democratic strategists” themselves.

For example, how would “senior Democratic strategists” cover an Arnold rally? They would ignore the rally, and emphasize the protesters, right? We all remember that, the other day, the Dog Trainer claimed that a woman making rape charges had “upstaged” Arnold at one of his rallies — a claim debunked by nonpartisan reporter Dan Weintraub on Hugh Hewitt’s show.

Well, Bradley says the Dog Trainer is at it again. Bradley notes that the Dog Trainer yesterday claimed (in a story filled with obvious Davis flacking, including untruths about the polls and misquotations of Arnold): “Protesters nearly drowned out the early part of Schwarzenegger’s nine-minute speech with a steady chorus of boos.” Bradley says: “Viewing from the press riser with most of the rest of the press corps, I didn’t hear the protesters. They certainly didn’t drown out Schwarzenegger.”

Yup, it’s becoming clearer every day that the real “senior Democratic strategists” in this state are the editors at the Los Angeles Dog Trainer.

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