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“RECALL MADNESS” WRITER RESPONDS: At the end of a very long post below is something I don’t want you to miss: feedback from the writer who does the “Recall Madness” features for the Dog Trainer. He makes a couple of points — one that is minor but fair, and another that misses the point a bit. In any event, I didn’t want his feedback and my response to get lost in the shuffle, so I thought I’d mention it all in a new post.


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THE FULL POOP ON DAVIS’S (ALLEGED) ABUSE OF WOMEN: Longtime Patterico readers know that Patterico brings you the scoop. I have discussed the allegations of Gray Davis’s abuse of women (as documented by Jill Stewart in New Times L.A.) on this site before, as recently as this morning and as far back as August 11. Because New Times was bought by an opposition newspaper, the article had unfortunately disappeared from the internet by the time I composed my posts. So, I had been able to provide only an unsatisfying link to a column that quotes only part of Stewart’s article (an article that I personally read when it first appeared). Until now.

Mickey Kaus, no doubt starting from my blog (which reminded you of the Stewart article first thing this morning), found the same link I had found — and then (while I was at work) found the whole article, which had been posted just today on some guy’s blog site. I present the link here for your edification. Here are some interesting quotes (warning for the squeamish — this excerpt contains profanity):

Davis’s hurling of phones and ashtrays at quaking government employees and his numerous incidents of personally shoving and shaking horrified workers–usually while screaming the f-word “with more venom than Nixon” as one former staffer recently reminded me–bespeak a man who cannot be trusted with power.

. . . .

“I guess Gray’s biggest lie,” says his former staffer who notes he often flies into a rage, “is pretending that he operates within the bounds of normalcy, which is not true. This is not a normal person. I will never forget the day he physically attacked me, because even though I knew he had done it before to many others, you always want to assume that Gray would never do it to you or that he has finally gotten help.”

On the day in question, in the mid-1990s, the staffer was explaining to Davis that his perpetual quest for an ever-larger campaign chest (an obsession she says led Davis to routinely break fundraising laws by using his government office resources and non-political employees to arrange fundraisers and identify new sources of money) had run into a snafu. A major funding source had dried up. Recalls the former staffer: “He just went into one of his rants of, ‘Fuck the fucking fuck, fuck, fuck!'” I can still hear his screams ringing in my ears. When I stood up to insist that he not talk to me that way, he grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me until my teeth rattled. I was so stunned I said, ‘Good God, Gray! Stop and look at what you are doing! Think what you are doing to me!’ And he just could not stop.”

But by far the most interesting part of the article is Stewart’s assertion that the Dog Trainer has long been aware of this evidence, but refused to print it. Read the following excerpts (with my favorite parts in bold) from Stewart’s article, published in November 1997:

Long protected by editors at the Los Angeles Times–who have nixed every story Times reporters have ever tried to develop about Davis’s storied history of physical violence, unhinged hysteria and gross profanity–the baby-faced, dual personality Davis has been allowed to hold high public office with impunity.

. . . .

Perhaps the worst incident–long known to Davis-adoring editors of the Los Angeles Times but never published by them–was Davis’s attack four years ago on a loyal aide in Los Angeles who for years acted as chief apologist for his “incidents.”

The woman refuses to discuss the assault on her with the media, but has relayed much of the story to me through a close friend. On the day in question, State Controller Davis was raging over an employee’s rearranging of framed artwork on his Los Angeles office walls. He stormed, red-faced, out of his office and violently shoved the woman, who we shall call K., out of his way. According to employees who were present, K. ran out clutching her purse, suffered an emotional breakdown, was briefly hospitalized at Cedars Sinai for a severe nervous dermatological reaction, and never returned to work again.

According to one close friend, K. refused to sue Davis, despite the advice of several friends, after a prominent Los Angeles attorney told her that Davis would ruin her. According to one state official. K. was allowed to continue her work under Davis from her home “because she refused to work in Davis’s presence.”

(Checchi’s campaign should get a copy of the tape recording Davis left on K.’s home telephone, in which he offers no apology to K. but simply requests that she return to work, saying, “You know how I am.”)

This is why I was so outraged on August 11 when I noted that the Dog Trainer had discussed Davis’s supposed “calm demeanor” — without noting its possession of evidence that Davis’s publicly calm persona is a front for a deeply disturbed, almost psychotic personality.


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C’MON . . . EVERYONE CALL IT THE DOG TRAINER: Use of Harry Shearer’s term “Dog Trainer” for the L.A. Times appears to be catching on. Let’s see if we can make this reference commonplace.

UPDATE: Another blogger, the irish lass, signs on. (See her comment here.) This movement is unstoppable.

THE OTHER SHOE: Even before

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THE OTHER SHOE: Even before it was published, Mickey Kaus was describing the Dog Trainer smear job as “the shoe” that was about to drop. Well, Dan Weintraub, in a post cleared by his editors, reports that the other shoe is about to drop: outtakes from Pumping Iron where Arnold discusses his admiration for Hitler.


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INTERESTING TIMING: It was August 10 when Bob Mulholland — California Democratic Party spokesman and the guy responsible for the last-minute hit piece on Bruce Herschensohn — warned of “real bullets” soon to come Arnold’s way. That was about seven weeks ago.

The Arnold hit piece in today’s Dog Trainer (aka L.A. Times) has been in the works about seven weeks.

The Times says it “did not learn of any of the six women from Schwarzenegger’s rivals in the recall race.” So who did tip them off?

HMMM: On second thought, Arnold had announced just 4 days before Mulholland made the statement. Maybe the timing isn’t as significant as I had first thought. I still want to know who is behind the story.

UPDATE: So does Weintraub.


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The Dog Trainer‘s slime job on Arnold may create some interesting opportunities to see hypocrisy on display. I am particularly interested to see if Bill Clinton fans will turn purple with outrage over a guy who engaged in some groping.

While we’re talking hypocrisy, somebody ask the folks at the Dog Trainer why it’s fair game to run stories about Arnold’s treatment of unidentified women — but not similarly sourced stories about Gray Davis’s physical abuse of his employees, including “hurling of phones and ashtrays at quaking government employees and his incidents of personally shoving and shaking horrified workers.” Jill Stewart, a former Dog Trainer reporter, has not only written about this, but has said that the Times was aware of the stories and didn’t run them because the sources would not identify themselves. Double standard? You make the call.

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