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Gary Leff reports that Northwest

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Gary Leff reports that Northwest Airlines is allowing metal knives on flights again.

Sounds like a really dumb idea at first — but don’t worry. The metal knives are allowed in first class only.

That will take care of any potential danger, because after all, hijackers don’t buy first-class tickets, right?

(Leff link is via The Volokh Conspiracy.)


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STEVEN HINKLE LAWSUIT FILED: Eugene Volokh reports: “The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education is now suing Cal Poly over the Steven Hinkle matter.” The press release is here.

If you don’t know about this matter, you need to. It is one of the most outrageous examples of university-style P.C. I have ever heard about. For full details, read my July 11 post about it here.


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BEST LINE OF THE DAY: Dale Franks has the best line of the day, in his review of the debate. If you didn’t see the debate, this comment sounds mean. If you did, you’ll understand:

Arianna Huffington: Now I know why Michael Huffington turned gay.

(Via Slings and Arrows.)


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IF I WERE THE POLLSTER: If I could take a poll on the recall race right now, I’d include these questions, which I haven’t seen asked anywhere:

1. Is it important to you that candidates discuss the issues?

2. Who do you think did the best job discussing the issues in the debate?

3. If you didn’t have to worry about who you thought would win, but simply voted for the candidate you liked best, for whom would you vote?

4. If Arnold dropped out of the race, for whom would you vote?

If someone asked these questions, the answers might surprise people.


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MORE ON DEBATE: One of the most interesting questions last night was the question of how much money the candidates believed California should be spending on health care for children of illegal immigrants. The question became a chance for the candidates to say how they felt about illegal immigration generally, and to put in their two cents about the bill giving driver’s licenses to illegals.

According to Mr. N-Word Cruz Bustamante: “They work hard, they pay taxes.” (Illegal immigrants pay all their taxes?! How does that work?) Cruz said they deserve driver’s licenses. No surprise there from the MEChista.

Arnold, while continuing to oppose the driver’s license bill, said he wanted to “insure every child in California.”

Camejo expressed outrage at the use of the word “illegal” to describe illegal immigrants.

Huffington used the opportunity to once again berate Arnold. She got on a liberal soapbox about how immigrants like Arnold deserve licenses, etc. She choked on the word “illegal” — a common problem with liberals.

McClintock’s answer is worth reprinting in full. Let’s go to the transcript:

I think you are all losing sight of a very important fact, and that is we are talking about families that are in this country in violation of our nation’s immigration laws. Now this nation has the most generous immigration policies of any nation in the world. Illegal immigration undermines that process of legal immigration that’s the strength of our nation, and there are millions of people who are willing to abide by our immigration laws to come to this nation, become Americans and see their children grow up and prosper as Americans. Illegal immigration is the process of cutting in line in front of them, and I don’t believe we should be rewarding such behavior. Illegal immigration is costing this country $4 billion in direct costs out of our treasury by the most conservative estimates available. We’ve got to make sure our immigration laws are enforced. I led the opposition to the [driver’s license] measure on giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants because it undermines the enforcement of our immigration laws.

Now, I think reasonable people can debate whether the state should spend money to provide health care to illegal immigrants. I think one can express frustration at the problem of illegal immigration, rail against the federal government for allowing the problem to have reached this point — and yet want to insure that the immigrants who are here don’t get tuberculosis and infect the rest of us. (I also see Camejo’s point that many of us might illegally cross the border ourselves if faced with the situation illegals face.) This is one of the reasons I voted against Proposition 187.

But I respect Sen. McClintock’s position, his ability to articulate it, and his commitment to principle. This is a good example of why, as I say in the post immediately below, McClintock was clearly the most impressive candidate.

Still, I think the consensus is that he didn’t help himself enough. As ScrappleFace explains, in a link I got from PrestoPundit:

California gubernatorial candidate Tom McClintock failed to prepare any clever ‘zingers’ he could have used to make his opponents look foolish in tonight’s debate.

Instead, state Senator McClintock came with nothing but detailed analysis of a variety of issues, and a commitment to cut spending and balance the state budget without tax increases.

A flash poll conducted minutes after the televised debate showed that Mr. McClintock’s lack of witty personal assaults left doubts in the minds of many voters about his readiness to serve as governor.

The zinger void will come back to haunt him, according to an unnamed political scientist.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger had that great line about driving his Hummer through Arianna’s tax loophole,” said the expert. “And Arianna shot right back about Arnold’s attitude toward women. Cruz Bustamante kept talking to Arianna and Arnold like they were morons. But McClintock was clearly unprepared for meaningful political discourse. It was embarrassing to watch him with that pedantic, deliberate focus on issues, facts and proposals.”

As Homer says: it’s funny because it’s true.

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