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DEBATE: A brief opinion before

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DEBATE: A brief opinion before I go to bed. Wasn’t it perfectly obvious that Tom McClintock was the most impressive, articulate, knowledgeable candidate? By a long shot?

This doesn’t mean voting for him is clearly the thing to do (though I am still leaning in that direction). I haven’t been following the minutae of the horse race over the past two weeks, because I have been out of state and otherwise preoccupied. I know a lot of conservatives are justifiably worried about a split ticket on the Republican side, causing Mr. N-Word Cruz Bustamante to become our new Governor. Valid concerns all. Perhaps McClintock is better served being a good soldier and setting himself up to run against Boxer for the U.S. Senate seat. I am a little paralyzed by indecision over all these issues, and haven’t decided exactly what I’ll do in the voting booth.

But, come on. If all you ever knew about these people was what you saw tonight, it would be easy to decide who the best candidate is.


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DEBATE TIME: I am off to watch the debate. Sounds like it could be a fun one.


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BEAR FLAG LEAGUE: I have just obtained membership in a cool association of bloggers: the “Bear Flag League.” (Thanks to Xrlq for his support, and for his kind announcement of my new membership.) For those unfamiliar with the Bear Flag League, it is described in this post by Bear Flag founding member Justene at Calblog. As Justene explains, the League is “a loosely aligned group of right-leaning blogs based here in the home of the Bear Flag state” — which is, of course, California.

It looks like membership is shooting up, and they may clamp down on new applications. I feel lucky to have gotten in when I did.

Anyway, this is a great group of bloggers. As soon as I can figure out how to do it, I will add links to all the blogs on the margin in the proper format. I heartily commend the blogs in the League to my regular readers.

UPDATE: The links are now on the left margin. I can’t say I have checked out each and every blog on the list, but I have read, and can recommend: Calblog, damnum absque injuria, fresh potatoes,, Shark Blog (who is an expatriate), Right on the Left Beach, and The Southern California Law Blog. Given the high quality of the ones I have seen, I have confidence that there will be others on the list that I will soon be reading regularly as well. Have fun exploring.


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ODD COMMENT FROM ANDREW SULLIVAN: Linking to a Drudge Report item concerning the naked Arnold pictures, Andrew Sullivan asks: “Which real Californian wouldn’t vote for someone with a body as good as that?”

What would people think if I provided a link to a picture of Mary Carey’s bare breasts, and then made the comment: “Which real Californian wouldn’t vote for someone with a body as good as that?” I venture to say that many people would conclude that I was a boor. Why is this different?

FULL DISCLOSURE: I know what some of you are thinking: why don’t you provide a link to a picture of Mary Carey’s breasts, Patterico? Well, actually, I should note that I have on this blog provided a link to Mary Carey’s web site. (At the time, that link got me more traffic than anything I had posted previously. I got hits from interesting places, too, including Centcom and the House of Representatives.) Her web site does contain a picture of her bare breasts. (No direct link here — find it yourself if you’re that interested.) However, the content of my post related to her platform, which I found amusing. I think that is different from Sullivan’s strange comment.

HEH: Dave Barry suggests that

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HEH: Dave Barry suggests that this judge be put in charge of the recall election. I say the guy commands more respect than the judges from the original three-judge panel decision.


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FINISHED ORAL ARGUMENT: I watched the rest of the oral argument in the recall case last night. It was worth it just to see the end. As you no doubt know by now, Mark Rosenbaum of the ACLU had a slip of the tongue, and referred to “this circus” when he meant to say “this Circuit.” Embarrassed, he quipped that he was the “biggest clown” and sat down.

Wrong again, Mr. Rosenbaum. The biggest clown in the Ninth Circus is Harry “that’s their problem” Pregerson.

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