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NINTH CIRCUIT RULING MAY CUT L.A. OUT OF RECALL VOTE: Interesting quote from the Dog Trainer’s story on the recall delay:

“It’s more than a wrinkle,” said Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder Conny McCormack. “No one even asked the largest county in the state if we had the capacity to run it in March. The answer is no.”

Interesting. I still haven’t read the opinion yet, but you would think a court that really cared about everyone’s vote being counted would have asked that question.


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RECALL DELAY: Well, I am vacationing and slow to get news, so I just found out that the Ninth Circuit has delayed the recall election in California. My first question when I hear something like that is: who were the judges? If people like Reinhardt and Pregerson are involved, it probably stinks. If Kozinski wrote the decision, I would have to look it over carefully.

As it turns out, Reinhardt is not involved, but Pregerson is. Ergo, this likely stinks.

I haven’t had time to read the opinion, but I am skeptical — even putting the court’s makeup to one side. I don’t read Bush v. Gore as invalidating any election which uses punch-card ballots for some counties but not others.

It seems to me we are headed straight to the Supreme Court, and Queen Sandra Day gets to issue another decree.

More when I have had a chance to read the opinion. Keep in mind that I pointed out over a month ago that an election law expert said there might be some merit to this argument.

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