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LITTLE SKIM MILK BUT LOTS OF SHOPLIFTERS: A Dog Trainer editorial complains that there are no quality grocery stores in South L.A. The editorial begins: “Rent-by-the-hour motel rooms are easier to find in South Los Angeles than a quart of skim milk.” It goes on to compare the variety of foods sold in South L.A. groceries unfavorably with the variety sold in West L.A.

Fair enough. But the editorial praises a South Los Angeles activist who is “working to block the construction of new motels and to bring in grocery stores, or at least get the ones already there to carry healthier food.” And I just can’t help but think that this same activist is probably dead set against any significant punishment for criminals such as repeat shoplifters, burglars, and robbers — who, you have to believe, are a principal reason you don’t see entrepreneurs rushing to establish businesses in South L.A.

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