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NEW YORK TIMES TRUMPS DOG TRAINER FOR HONESTY IN EDITORIALS: It is nice to see the New York Times, discussing the Roy Moore flap in an editorial, acknowledge that “Alabama’s attorney general, William Pryor Jr., also argued for the monument’s removal.”

Of course, the Times is quick to ascribe a nasty motive:

Some of Chief Justice Moore’s supporters charge that Mr. Pryor, who had been a strong defender of the monument, switched sides to curry favor with Senate Democrats in Washington, who have filibustered his nomination to the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, based in Atlanta, the same court that ordered that the monument be removed.

This is not completely honest. After all, the Times can point to no actual switching of sides, acknowledging that even today, “Mr. Pryor says that he believes the monument is legal, but that the 11th Circuit’s order must be obeyed.” But at least the editorial tells you that Pryor favors obeying the court’s order.

That’s more than you can say for the perennially dishonest people on the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times, who (as I mentioned the other day) stated in their editorial that “Alabama Atty. Gen. William H. Pryor, nominated to the circuit court that ordered the monument removed, opposes the order” — without ever once noting Pryor’s consistent position that court orders must be obeyed.

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