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ARNOLD ON THE ISSUES: Arnold went on the radio yesterday and gave his opinion on the issues. The linked story describes an interview done by Sean Hannity; I heard a similar one done by Larry Elder, described briefly here.

In the interview with Hannity, Arnold dodged a question about Prop. 187, saying: “That is an issue with the federal government because the governor has nothing, [not] really much power over those things.” He said much the same thing on the Larry Elder show.

I was disappointed to see this dodge, though I understand why he’s doing it (to avoid pissing off the Latinos). You never know how the issue might pop up. The driver’s license bill is just one example — and I was glad to hear him opposing that. But I mentioned the other day a bill — passed in California and signed by Gray Davis — to give in-state tuition at California universities to illegal immigrants (while out-of-state residents who are U.S. citizens must on average pay $11,000 extra annually). The bill clearly defies federal law, but the feds are doing nothing about it (just like they are essentially doing nothing to deport the illegals). What about that, Arnold?

You can’t just say “Prop. 187 was declared unconstitutional” and leave it at that. The pro-illegal immigrant lobby is constantly coming up with new ways to treat illegals as if they were really just regular citizens. Californians are entitled to know whether Arnold will be on board when the next such travesty arises.

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