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SOLVING MURDERS VS. BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT: Imagine this scenario: a close friend or relative of yours is murdered in the course of a carjacking. The police obtain a surveillance photo of the murderer. Unfortunately, from the photo, they can give no better description of the killer than “a Hispanic male, between 20 and 30 years of age, medium build and medium height.” The police propose to call a news conference asking for the public’s assistance in finding the killer. What do you say?

The correct answer is, of course, that you should say: “Please don’t say that the murderer is Hispanic.” When the police say: “But he appears to be Hispanic,” you should reply: “You need to demonstrate sensitivity and thoughtfulness in using race and ethnicity to describe crime suspects. Is his ethnicity really an important detail? Besides, ‘Hispanic’ is a vague term that should be retired as a term of physical description. Why, it’s no more helpful than saying that the killer was a Californian.”

Well, that’s what you would say if you were the idiot who wrote this moronic op-ed in the Los Angeles Times.

Apparently, bowing to the hypersensitivity of ethnic victicrats like this guy is more important than solving murders. And when such nonsense is spouted, rather than pointing and laughing in derision, we should furrow our brows with understanding and concern, and print the garbage on the pages of a major metropolitan newspaper.

You know what? If you want to know what’s wrong with this country, this mentality ain’t a bad place to start.

BREAKING PLEDGES: Contrary to an

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BREAKING PLEDGES: Contrary to an early campaign promise, Arnold is accepting campaign contributions. The Dog Trainer headline screams: Former Davis Donors Give to Rivals; Schwarzenegger Breaks Money Vow.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s relevant that Arnold broke this pledge. But when Mr. N-Word Cruz Bustamante entered the race, wasn’t it relevant that he had pledged to stay out? Where were the screaming headlines then?


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ANOTHER LETTER WRITER FOOLED BY DOG TRAINER COVERAGE: Here is a letter in today’s local Dog Trainer:

Re ‘Car Chases Way Down, Police Say,’ Aug. 20: How wonderful that the LAPD has a new policy regarding car chases. Perhaps Police Chief William J. Bratton can teach the California Highway Patrol a lesson. On Aug. 15, a young man named Aaron Keller was killed as a result of the CHP chasing a stolen car. Besides all the usual reasons for mourning his death, Aaron was one of the brightest and best teachers at Fairfax High School.

Those of us in education know how valuable good teachers are. Aaron’s enthusiasm and love for his profession and students will never be replaced. What car is worth this price?

Such accidents are truly tragedies. However:

As I pointed out the other day, the new LAPD policy would not have prevented this sort of tragedy. LAPD still chases suspected car thieves.

But (as I also pointed out) the Dog Trainer did its best to make it sound otherwise.


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MORE AGAINST MOORE: I am proud to note that most conservatives have joined me in denouncing the crazy right-wing silliness of the Fox News suit against Al Franken, and the Roy Moore Ten Commandments deal. Today the WSJ weighs in on the latter with an editorial (registration required) that says Moore’s “defiance of U.S. District Court Judge Myron Thompson’s order to remove the monument has resulted, appropriately, in his suspension from the bench.” The editorial goes on to say: “If Justice Moore wants to become a professional protester and ignore federal court orders, he’ll need to hang up his robe first.”



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FUND ON THE POLLS: John Fund (the alleged wife-beater at the Wall Street Journal with the Cheshire cat smile) has an excellent analysis of the latest Dog Trainer poll showing Bustamante so far ahead. Fund makes every point that Patterico would wish to make and then some. (What the heck — they’re paying him to do this.)

Two points stand out to me. First, Simon got 6% in the poll, but dropped out before it was published. Second: “The Los Angeles Times poll also was taken over a six-day period. The first four days of the survey Mr. Schwarzenegger was being relentlessly attacked for hiding from voters. On Wednesday of last week he emerged to hold a successful news conference and start his TV ad campaign. Susan Pinkus, director of the Los Angeles Times poll, told me she noticed a clear uptick in Schwarzenegger’s numbers in the days following that conference, although she doesn’t have any hard numbers to demonstrate that trend.”

The bottom line is: Bustamante is ahead, but not by as much as the Times poll suggested. (I have long since predicted that Mr. N-Word will become Governor, so I am not surprised by Bustamante’s lead, and expect it to remain.) Also, Davis is in worse trouble than the poll shows.

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