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FOX DROPS FRANKENSUIT: “Fox News dropped its lawsuit against Al Franken on Monday, three days after a federal judge refused to block the liberal humorist from using the Fox slogan ‘Fair and Balanced’ on the cover of his book.”

Didn’t I recommend this just the other day? (Okay, I wasn’t the only one to do so. But still.)

UPDATE: Drudge’s link to this story has the same heading as mine: “Fox Drops Frankensuit.” Coincidence? Or is it just that obvious a headline?


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SCOTT RITTER — SOMETIMES THE NUT IS RIGHT: Scott Ritter’s op-ed in today’s New York Times is titled A Weapons Cache We’ll Never See. He asks why the U.S. allowed the looting of the building housing the Iraqi National Monitoring Directorate, which was “the repository for every Iraqi government record relating to its weapons programs.” I do believe I have pontificated on the general issue of similar looting before (check out this post and this post for complaints from May and related links).

He’s a nut, but when you’re right, you’re right.


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POSTER BOY FOR THE DEATH PENALTY: It has always seemed to me that a guy serving a life sentence for murder, who murders someone in prison, provides a pretty good argument for the death penalty. Take, for example, Joseph L. Druce, the guy who murdered pedophile ex-priest John J. Geoghan. The Washington Post reports: “Druce, 37, was immediately isolated and will be charged with murder, investigators said. Massachusetts does not have a death penalty, so it is unclear what additional punishment he could receive since he is serving a life sentence for strangling a man in 1988. He also was convicted while in prison of attempting an anthrax scare by sending envelopes filled with white powder and covered in Swastikas to about 30 Jewish lawyers nationwide in 2001.”

Since Druce obviously knew that murdering Geoghan would result in no real punishment, it appears that starry-eyed Massachusetts liberalism may have cost Geoghan his life. Of course, those of you who believe in rough-and-ready prison justice — the more people raped and murdered on the inside, the better — will applaud this result. Those of us who believe in due process are appalled at the image of a murderer grinning from ear to ear with the knowledge that he can murder people repeatedly and get nothing worse than a few weeks in isolation, or perhaps a temporary suspension of his rec yard privileges.


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MOORE NUTTINESS: Judge Roy Bean, er, Moore explains in a Wall Street Journal op-ed why he felt compelled to disobey the clear and unambiguous order of federal judge Myron Thompson: “By telling the state of Alabama that it may not acknowledge God, Judge Thompson effectively dismantled the justice system of the state.”

No hyperbole there. To see what a nut case this guy is, read the whole thing. (Registration required.)

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