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LOVE THIS: Paul Newman mocks

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LOVE THIS: Paul Newman mocks the ridiculous Fox News suit against Al Franken in a New York Times op-ed called Paul Newman Is Still HUD. Newman says: “Unreliable sources report that the Fox suit has inspired Paul Newman, the actor, to file a similar suit in federal court against the Department of Housing and Urban Development, commonly called HUD. Mr. Newman claims piracy of personality and copycat infringement.”

Read the whole thing. It’s short and funny.


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ACCEPTED WISDOM: It is Accepted Wisdom that:

The sorry state of the California economy is not due to government mismanagement, but rather circumstance — in particular the bursting of the dot-com bubble.

And at the same time:

The sorry state of the national economy is due entirely to the mismanagement of one George W. Bush.

ACCEPTED WISDOM: Introducing “Accepted Wisdom”:

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ACCEPTED WISDOM: Introducing “Accepted Wisdom”: a new semi-regular feature of this blog, highlighting contradictory viewpoints held by the elite. When I say something is “accepted wisdom,” I don’t mean it is accepted by you, the common-sense reader — but rather by the elites (like the nitwits on the editorial pages of the major newspapers) who think their opinion is the only one that matters.

It is Accepted Wisdom that:

We must have illegal immigrants because they do certain jobs (like picking fruit) dirt-cheap. When that happens, the savings are passed onto you, the consumer.

And at the same time:

Companies must pay a higher “living wage.” When companies pay less than that, the beneficiary is the company and its stockholders — not you, the consumer.

TOTAL DELAY?: The New York

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TOTAL DELAY?: The New York Times reports: Ruling Expected on Effort to Delay California Recall Election. The judge hearing the case, Stephen V. Wilson, said: “It seems to me that when issues of this seriousness are raised, they deserve a response.” (The issue he means is that some counties in California will still be using outdated punch-card machines.)

If Wilson delays the election, look for recall proponents to denounce him, and for the Dog Trainer to lionize him.

Thing is, the Dog Trainer would be right for once. Wilson is a sober, common-sense judge who will not delay this election just because he can. If he does it, he will be doing it for the right reasons. I trust him to do the right thing — even if it means that he gets praised by the Dog Trainer.


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HELP ME NAME MY BOOK: In case I write a book, I want to have a title ready. I was thinking about calling it “Michael Moore is a Big Fat Idiot,” but I don’t want to get sued by Al Franken for violating his trademark on calling fat guys “fat.”

My backup title is: “Al Franken is a Four-Eyed Nerd.”

If you have any suggestions, Gentle Reader, let me know.

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