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MAYBE O.J. REALLY DIDN’T DO IT: This is pretty cool. It is a page with a bunch of pictures that are retouched images. Click on a picture to pull up a larger image. Then place your cursor over the image, to see what the picture looked like before it was retouched. It is amazing to see what retouching can do. (Maybe they even put the Bruno Magli’s on O.J!) (Just kidding.)

I think that the most striking pictures are the ones of the women. It was really frightening the first time I rolled the mouse over this image of a blonde woman. After you get over your initial horror, you realize that the woman in the unretouched picture is actually fairly attractive. She just looks so different from the airbrushed image you just saw that you will find it disconcerting at first.

(Via Tacitus.)


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THE L.A. TIMES EDITORIAL WRITER WHO DOES THOSE POINTLESS CUTESY PIECES IS AT IT AGAIN: This time with a pointless editorial about on-line dating.

I like to point these out occasionally, just to remind you folks what a serious, influential paper we have in our local Dog Trainer.

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