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Mary Carey Official Site: I

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MARY CAREY OFFICIAL SITE: I never thought I’d be providing a link on my blog to a porn star’s web site. But this particular porn star is running for Governor, so it’s politics! Plus, her platform is more detailed than the one on Arnold’s web site. Her platform can be found here.

I have to say that, while I was intrigued by her positions like, say, making lap dances tax deductible, I am a little unnerved by this platform plank:

“I will coordinate the state’s unemployment and jury systems, so that anyone who applies for unemployment will instantly be called for jury duty. This will save California state and local governments millions of dollars, because we won’t have to pay for jury duty. It will also relieve those with jobs from the stress of serving on lengthy juries.”

This will also save us millions in prison costs, since 12 unemployed guys aren’t gonna convict anybody of anything.


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SCHWARZENEGGER TAPS SCHULTZ: “Arnold Schwarzenegger announced Thursday that former Secretary of State George Schultz will serve on an economic recovery council aimed at developing a plan to rebuild California’s economy. “

I think Arnold just likes Schultz because Schultz has a tattoo of a tiger on his butt.

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