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GARAMENDI IS OUT: The Dog Trainer reports that John Garamendi has dropped out of the recall race, which “leaves Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante as Democrat’s [sic] highest-profile candidate.”


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ARNOLD’S POSITION ON GAY MARRIAGE: “I don’t want to get into that right now.”

Now who can argue with that?


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RALLYING AROUND MR. N-WORD: The Dog Trainer reports: Top Democrats Rally Around Bustamante.

I have two observations. First, didn’t I just tell you in the post immediately below that Democrats (or Retaliacrats, as I call them) will try to recall any Republican who unseats Davis? You, Gentle Reader, no doubt dismissed that as the wild ravings of Willie Brown. Well, take a look at what Gray Davis said to Bill Maher yesterday in an interview for Maher’s HBO show:

“People don’t want constant campaigning, and I guarantee you, Bill, if this recall hypothetically were to succeed, you’d have another recall: you’d have constant campaigns,” Davis said.

Second point: I reminded you just yesterday that Mr. N-Word Cruz Bustamante said back in June: “I will not participate in any way other than to urge voters to reject this expensive perversion of the recall process. I will not attempt to advance my career at the expense of the people I was elected to serve. I do not intend to put my name on that ballot.”

I searched the Dog Trainer article today for any hint of this pledge. It certainly would have been a logical observation, since there is fairly extensive discussion of Mr. N-Word’s decision to enter the race. The story says, for example: “The lieutenant governor decided to run despite efforts by national Democratic leaders to convince him to stay out, said a senior Democratic official who spoke on condition of anonymity. The national party strategists felt that if he got in, others would follow, the official said.” Wouldn’t this be a logical place to state that Mr. N-Word had indeed pledged in June not to run? Read the story yourself — that fact is nowhere mentioned.

I think the Dog Trainer has joined the folks rallying around Bustamante. Look for an editorial in the next few days denouncing the recall, but acknowledging that maybe there should be a single Democrat on the replacement ballot: Bustamante.


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THE RETALIACRATS: Here is a little-reported fact that speaks volumes about the Democratic Party. An ABC News story from July 30 contains this passage:

“In an interview today with ABCNEWS’ Jake Tapper, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown said that if Davis is recalled and someone whom Brown considers to be an unqualified is elected, then Brown would consider it ‘his duty’ to participate in a recall effort of that individual.

“Brown said he considers Simon and Issa to be unqualified.”

It is obvious that Brown would consider any Republican to be “unqualified.” (Arnold Schwarzenegger had not yet entered the race when Brown made these comments — otherwise Brown would undoubtedly have included Arnold among the list of “unqualified” candidates.) In essence, Willie Brown has pledged to start a recall against any Republican who replaces Gray Davis in the recall election.

This is not an outlandish scenario. While most voters are fed up with Davis, don’t forget that the state is packed to the gills with partisan Democrats. If just one million voters are upset enough about the recall to sign a petition, Brown’s proposed recall effort would move forward.

What’s more, I believe that if such an effort appeared to have a real chance of success, the Democratic Party would leap to support it. Never mind that such an effort would be cynical in the extreme. Never mind that it would fly in the face of the Democrats’ sanctimonious rhetoric about the current recall being an unprincipled power grab and a waste of millions of taxpayer dollars. Does anyone really think that the party of Terry McAuliffe and Tom Daschle would forego a chance at naked political retaliation for reasons of principle?? Anyone who believes that has not been following the Democrats’ filibusters of highly qualified judicial nominees like Miguel Estrada.

The judicial filibusters have shown that the Democratic Party is willing to base an entire legislative strategy on the principle of pure retaliation. The Democratic Party has become the Party of Retaliation, and in recognition of that fact, I hereby bestow upon their members the descriptive title “Retaliacrats.” When I use that term in the future, you’ll know what I mean.

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