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WHO SAID THIS?: Name the

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WHO SAID THIS?: Name the person who said the following about the California recall election: “I will not participate in any way other than to urge voters to reject this expensive perversion of the recall process. I will not attempt to advance my career at the expense of the people I was elected to serve. I do not intend to put my name on that ballot.”

Yup. Mr. N-Word — Cruz Bustamante.


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WELCOME TO BEST OF THE WEB READERS: And a hearty thanks to James Taranto for linking to my site.

This is the site to read for regular critiques of the liberal bias of the local Dog Trainer (otherwise known as the Los Angeles Times). I also comment on current issues of significance, including legal issues that interest the general public. There’s some fun stuff, too (what other site gives you a permanent link to a web site that teaches you how to curse in Swedish?).

I hope first-time readers enjoy the site, give me feedback, and keep reading!


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ARNOLD’S POSITION ON THE ENVIRONMENT: “I will fight for the environment. Nothing to worry about.”

Now shut up and vote for him.

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