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TOP TEN: From Dave Letterman:

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TOP TEN: From Dave Letterman: Top Ten Reasons Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Not Running For Governor of California:

10. Name wouldn’t fit on campaign button

9. Robot from future killed his campaign manager

8. After you’re “Mr. Universe,” “Governor of California” seems kinda lame

7. Week-long budget talks would leave no time to work on his pecs

6. Can’t spell governor

5. Has decided to run for Hulk instead

4. Rumor that they test gubernatorial candidates for steroids

3. Decided he only wants jobs where it’s appropriate to be “oiled up”

2. Realized his questionable background and dumb-guy reputation would better qualify him to be president

1. Didn’t want to take a 29-million dollar pay cut


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GOP RULES OUT NUCLEAR OPTION: The story is a few days old, but since I have discussed the so-called “nuclear option” on judicial filibusters before (here, here, and here), I figured I should fill you in.

(Word to the wise: according to the first link above, “nuclear option” is no longer favored terminology by the GOP. Apparently those canny politicians have wised up to the blatantly obvious fact that it sounds terrible. Only took them a few months. Good work, guys!)


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KEEPING AN EYE ON THE HURRICANES: A reader comment in the Federalist Digest has the best comment on the hurricane nonsense I reported to you the other day:

“Hurricanes who? Whenever Demo Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee opens her mouth, there is a lot of wind. Now she wants more hurricanes to be named for ‘African-Americans’? I nominate Hurricane Sheila, followed by Hurricane Jesse (Jackson) and for sure Hurricane Al (Sharpton), blowhards in their own right.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


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DAVIS REPLACING DAVIS: The Dog Trainer reports: Davis to Ask Court to Postpone Recall. More important, I think, is that Davis is also suing to have his name put on the list of replacements.

Don’t laugh. Gray Davis has been reading Patterico on the recall and has figured out that if he is one of the replacement candidates, he’ll probably win. Here’s the logic: presumably, a lot of people who vote against the recall would vote for Davis if he were a replacement candidate, whereas people voting for the recall would have their votes split amongst the gazillion people running against Davis. See what I mean?

If Gray Davis wins this argument in his lawsuit (election law expert Rick Hasen says he won’t), then I predict he stays Governor. Keep an eye on this one.

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