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UDAY ANAGRAM: The recent death

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UDAY ANAGRAM: The recent death of Uday Hussein reminded me of the anagram of his name I mentioned here back in March:

U.S. say die, hun!

Seems ever so apropos nowadays.

WHAT LIBERAL MEDIA?: This unbiased

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WHAT LIBERAL MEDIA?: This unbiased article in the New York Times is titled Affirmative Action Foe’s Latest Aim Complicates California Recall Vote. The first sentence: “Though he is 64 and insists he does not ‘want to do this the rest of my life,’ Ward Connerly is at it again, turning California into a laboratory for his contentious views on race and injecting some uncertainty into the already topsy-turvy recall election on Gov. Gray Davis.” (Emphasis of liberal opinion mine.)


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MORE ON LANCE ARMSTRONG: My friend Abe gave me what sounds like a pretty definitive answer to my question about Lance Armstrong (why didn’t he wait for Ullrich, given that Ullrich had waited for him?).

Apparently there is quite a detailed waiting protocol. You wait when a guy falls right near you. If you are way ahead of him, or way behind him, you don’t wait. This is true although everyone apparently has radios, and thus knows when other folks have fallen.

So in this latest race, Ullrich waited for Armstrong because Armstrong fell right near Ullrich. Two years ago (as another friend told me the other day), Armstrong was close to Ullrich when Ullrich fell, so Armstrong waited for Ullrich. But at the end of this latest race, when Ullrich fell, Armstrong was nowhere near Ullrich, and so didn’t stop. So it’s probably not a question of Armstrong’s not knowing that Ullrich had fallen, as I had originally thought. It’s just a question of riding protocol.

See? Patterico gets answers.

Since I don’t care much about the Tour de France to begin with, I think this is the last entry you’ll see on this. Let’s put this puppy to bed.


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CURSING IN SWEDISH LINK FIXED: If anyone has recently tried the “Cursing in Swedish” link to the left recently, and found it to be broken, take heart: it’s fixed. A reader told me about the problem today. I have fixed the link with the help of the Wayback Machine (a wonderful device I have discussed here).

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