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THE “F” WORD: For those

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THE “F” WORD: For those of you who are not offended by reading something that contains literally dozens of instances of the “F” word, I commend to you this legal document available at The Smoking Gun web site, which collects legal documents of interest.

The document in question is the winner of the site’s award for 2003 Legal Document of the Year. It is a motion to dismiss a disorderly conduct charge against a Colorado teenager, for his use of the “F” word and numerous variants to cuss out his school principal. As the Smoking Gun describes it, the motion “is an amusing and profane look at the world’s favorite four-letter word, from its origins in 1500 to today’s frequent use of the term by Eminem, Chris Rock, and Lenny Kravitz.” Patterico agrees with the Smoking Gun that perhaps the best part of the document is “the chart comparing Google results for the ‘F’ word and other all-American terms.”

According to the site, the motion was never argued. The kid cut a plea bargain that will earn him a dismissal if he stays out of trouble for four months. Still, this motion is [predictable expletive deleted]ing hilarious.

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