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DONOVAN JACKSON CONSISTENT?: This L.A. Times story on the Inglewood police case, which I first discussed in the post immediately below, states: “When Jackson took the witness stand, he gave confused and at times conflicting testimony. But the 17-year-old stuck to his original story: That he was unconscious and didn’t remember the slam or the punch to his face.” I read this as saying: he was sometimes inconsistent — but not as to whether he was unconscious. He stuck to his original story on that issue.

I read this and thought: “Hmmmmmmm. That’s not how I remember it.” I had to dig through a stack of newspapers to find the Dog Trainer‘s original story on Jackson’s testimony. The story is so old (from Friday, July 11, 2003), you gotta pay to see it on the Times‘s web site. No thanks! So I can’t give you a working link. But here’s what that story said about whether Jackson offered contradictory testimony on whether he was unconscious (all emphasis mine):

“When [Morse’s attorney John] Barnett tried to pin him [Jackson] down on whether he was conscious when Morse manhandled him, Jackson gave contradictory responses, finally saying that he didn’t know the definition of the word. Then he said he thought conscious means to be ‘not awake.'”

Here’s from an AP story:

“Jackson was not seriously injured. On the witness stand, he gave inconsistent answers about whether he was conscious when Morse slammed him and said he didn’t remember much of the incident.”

Your local Dog Trainer in action.

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