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DARVISH SHOUTS, SUPPOSEDLY: I just read the Los Angeles Times story on the Inglewood police case: Mistrial Declared in Inglewood Police Case. The story says: “Seconds after his verdict was read, Darvish shouted, ‘Yes!’ and he and his attorney, Ronald Brower, pounded their fists on the table.”

Shouted? I watched the verdict on television. Maybe my memory is playing tricks on me, but I do not remember Darvish shouting. I wouldn’t even describe his voice as having been raised. I remember it as a loud whisper. He and his attorney did both hit the table with their fists — one time.

It’s a minor point, to be sure, but the description of Darvish as “shouting” is so at odds with my recollection it has me wondering: did the Times reporters and I see the same thing? I am a poor witness, and I watched the verdict only once. If any other viewers remember Darvish “shouting,” write me and tell me. If someone manages to see the tape of the verdict after reading this, that would be especially helpful.

Interesting side note: I have it on good authority that the black juror showed up to closing arguments with a Kobe Bryant related T-shirt on.

UPDATE: Everyone I asked who watched the verdict said Darvish said “Yes!” in a loud whisper — not a shout. According to USA Today, “Darvish and his attorney banged their fists on the table and quietly uttered ‘yes.'”

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