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BETTING ON TERRORISM: “The Pentagon is setting up a commodity-style market to use real investors — putting down real money — to help its generals predict terrorist attacks, coups d’etat and other turmoil in the Middle East.”

Brilliant. Soon, rich people will be betting millions that a terrorist act will occur within x days. Luckily, human nature provides no incentive for those making such bets to help them come true. If, however, humans were driven by a lust for money — well, then we’d all be in deep s**t.


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POLL SHOWS BACKLASH ON GAY ISSUES: “Americans have become significantly less accepting of homosexuality since a Supreme Court decision that was hailed as clearing the way for new gay civil rights, a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll has found.”

This is too bad, I think. But not totally surprising. I think the problem here, as the public perceives it, is the Court’s lack of a principled reason that the latest decision won’t be read, at some point down the road, as a basis to constitutionalize gay marriage. The general principle is this: if you take away American citizens’ right to decide these sorts of issues for themselves, through the electoral process, you shouldn’t be surprised to see a backlash.

ARMSTRONG: A reader writes to

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ARMSTRONG: A reader writes to offer, if not an authoritative answer, then at least a theory to answer my Lance Armstrong question. My correspondent believes that when Armstrong waited for Ullrich two years ago, the two were “within a few feet of each other.” I should add that my correspondent is not certain of this fact, stating: “I might be wrong here. I see in the messy video vault of my mind that those two were pretty close to each other.” My correspondent theorizes that Armstrong didn’t see Ullrich’s latest spill, and/or if he learned of it, Armsrong “probably thought that they were both ‘even’ as far as sporting favors were concerned.”

If anyone has views on this, let me know by e-mailing me at the link to the left.

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