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IS CHARLIE RANGEL RIGHT? Charlie Rangel has for months publicly supported reinstating the military draft. I read a letter to the editor this morning (first letter at this link), by one Robert Lentz of Sylmar, that may have me in agreement with Rangel. The letter reads, in its entirety:

“Re ‘ “A True Soldier” — but a Statistic Too,’ July 22: U.S. Army Capt. Steven Barry referred to the ‘scum who continue to attack us’ in Iraq. He also refers to an American soldier ‘who lost his life fighting cowardly Iraqis.’ It is amazing that our military leadership still has not learned to avoid demonizing and dehumanizing the ‘enemy.’ Naively, I thought this lesson was learned after the disastrous results of characterizing the Vietnamese as ‘gooks’ during the Vietnam War.

“And as far as cowardice is concerned, I believe the most powerful military in the history of the world annihilating a Third World, rag-tag army is the ultimate in cowardice.”

I hereby propose a new military draft, of one guy: Robert Lentz of Sylmar. Let’s send him to Iraq to show us what real bravery is.

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