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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: I think this letter in yesterday’s Dog Trainer, written by Eric Dykeman of Long Beach, is worth reproducing in full. It is the third letter down at this link:

“I am going to disagree with the White House. I think those 16 words about Iraq seeking uranium should have been in his State of the Union address. I want all the intelligence information I can legally possess before deciding if I will support a decision for war.

“I’m astounded that so many people would rather have important intelligence hidden from them simply because the CIA was unable to confirm it — the same CIA that completely missed 9/11 and still cannot find Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.”


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ANNOYING EDITORIAL WRITER HARD AT WORK: The annoying guy who writes the cutesy editorials in the third spot for the Dog Trainer is at it again. This one is titled “Déjà Vu All Over Again.” Never mind what it’s about. The writer thinks the editorial is funny for some reason because he uses a lot of French words. The first line: “OK, mes amis, this is guerre.” What a crack-up!

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