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800!: I got to 800

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800!: I got to 800 on the copter! (My previous best was 727.)

HUH?: From Haaretz: “A senior

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HUH?: From Haaretz: “A senior United States official said this week, in a closed-door conversation, that Israel has not done enough regarding Palestinian prisoner releases, and must do more on the issue. The official said that Israel must show flexibility on the subject of prisoners ‘with blood on their hands,’ indicating those prisoners that Israel holds responsible for Israeli casualties.”

Why, exactly? What am I missing here? Is this not obviously insane?


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MCAULIFFE “FIRMLY BEHIND” DAVIS: I think it’s fun to see a quote like this from DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe: “The national Party stands firmly behind Governor Gray Davis.” It warms my heart to see Democrats expending political (and hopefully, financial) capital on a guy with a 23% approval rating.

I don’t much care who is governor of California. But this kind of nonsense could potentially give the national party a black eye. The message is clear: we don’t care if the electorate hates this guy. He’s our guy. We will support any Democrat, no matter how vile.

Maybe this recall thing isn’t so bad after all.

It’s also revealing to watch McAuliffe yap on about how the Republicans are trying to “steal” this election, in a not-so-veiled reference to the 2000 Presidential election. Sure, the recall is unusual, and in the opinion of many (including myself) sets a bad precedent. But the recall effort requires the signatures of a million California voters and is fully authorized by state law. It is not “stealing” an election by any stretch of the imagination. The fact that McAuliffe is willing to say so is not only another example of his (and the Democrats’) cynicism — it also conclusively demonstrates that their whining about 2000 has no credibility whatsoever.

Keep it up, boys!

Janice Rogers Brown a Candidate

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JANICE ROGERS BROWN A CANDIDATE FOR D.C. CIRCUIT: For those who get their news from Patterico and not the mainstream media, I apologize for being three days late in getting this story to you. I had heard about it, but neglected my solemn duty to report it promptly to you, the loyal reader. Anyway, this is good news for those of us who would like to see her on the Supreme Court some day. We’d miss her here in California, but we have our eye on the greater good.

WELCOME: I occasionally like to

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WELCOME: I occasionally like to take the opportunity to welcome any new readers. Hope you enjoy the site. E-mail me at the link on the left, to let me know what you think of the site. I welcome all feedback, and generally respond to such e-mails. Poke around the site, look at the archives if you have time, tell your friends, and keep reading!

MAN SIMULATES DOG: Sheriff’s deputies

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MAN SIMULATES DOG: Sheriff’s deputies convinced a guy they were chasing, who had run into the woods, that he needed to come out or they would send a dog in after him. The deputies didn’t really have a dog, so one of them started barking like a dog.

This happened in — you guessed it — Tennessee.


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NAT HENTOFF ON SANDRA DAY: I’m not sure why Nat Hentoff, a liberal who writes for the Village Voice, is against the Supreme Court’s Michigan Law School affirmative action decision. But he is, and backs up his view with compelling arguments.

In last week’s column, a must-read, he made a point that appears to have been completely missed in the news coverage of the case: the District Court made a factual finding that the law school’s program (which was upheld by the Court) was a quota system. Usually, the appellate courts defer to factual findings, and when they don’t, they usually at least explain why. O’Connor didn’t do that.

This week’s column by Hentoff points out that the decision will not help poor minorities at all, since the minorities attending the elite schools like Michigan Law School are almost always financially well off.

Read both. If you have time for one, read last week’s. It’s pretty amazing that nobody else seems to have picked up on this.

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