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FLY THE HELICOPTER: This is kind of fun but mostly pretty frustrating. I haven’t done any better than 727 yet. I blame it on my mouse.


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A LITTLE NEPOTISM: Click on this link to watch video of my wife, a deputy district attorney, on the local CBS channel the other day.

She is commenting on the dismissal of child molestation charges against a Catholic priest. The dismissal was forced by the Supreme Court’s Stogner decision invalidating a California statute that had purported to revive certain sex charges that were otherwise barred by the statute of limitations.

Warning: your video may not work. Different people have different results clicking on the link. Here at my house we hear audio but don’t see video. Many relatives and friends have had better luck.


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STUDENT PUNISHED BY UNIVERSITY FOR TRYING TO POST FLYER: Another story of campus PC run amok. On Larry Elder’s radio program yesterday, I heard the student described in this story, Steve Hinkle. Hinkle is a student at California Polytechnic State University. He has been disciplined by his university, supposedly for disrupting a student meeting. However, the “disruption” was that he was attempting to post a flyer.

Hinkle, who seemed very articulate and credible on Elder’s show, described the supposed “disruption” in this way. He was posting flyers all over campus for a speech by a black writer, Mason Weaver, a conservative who believes that blacks have become too dependent on government programs. Hinkle tried to post the flyer in the multicultural center, which is open to all students. Some minority students in the center confronted him because they didn’t like what he was posting. One of them actually called the campus police. Due to the confrontation, Hinkle did not post the flyer and left by 6:45.

The campus police actually showed up and wrote a report, which states that they were “dispatched to the multicultural center to investigate a report of a suspicious white male passing out literature of an offensive racial nature.” Cal Poly then charged Hinkle with disrupting a Bible reading in the multicultural center’s lounge area. You see, the students who confronted him were apparently preparing to have a Bible study at 7:00, but allegedly were unable to start on time because they were so upset about Hinkle having tried to post a flyer 15 minutes earlier. This is the “disruption of a student meeting” that Hinkle has been charged with.

Hinkle had a hearing. There is a transcript. Here is a statement a university official made to Hinkle: “You are a young white member of CPCR (Cal Poly College Republicans). To students of color, this may be a collision of experience . . . The chemistry has racial implications, and you are naive not to acknowledge those.”

You should not be surprised that Hinkle was found guilty. The university has now demanded that he write a letter of apology, to be approved by the university administration. Hinkle, to his credit, has refused, and faces possible expulsion for his simple exercise of First Amendment rights.

This is an outrage. If you wish to complain to the President of Cal Poly, Warren J. Baker, write him at

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