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DOG TRAINER IGNORES ROE ISSUE: Yesterday I noted that the plaintiff from Roe v. Wade has filed a motion to overturn the case. I wondered if there would be any mainstream coverage. So far, nothing in the Dog Trainer.


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WELCOME TO ANY NEW VIEWERS: Patterico wishes to extend a hearty welcome to any new viewers of the page. Thanks for visiting. Stay a while, poke around the archives, tell your friends about it, e-mail me, and come back!



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IDIOTIC OP-ED MEETS WAYBACK MACHINE: The title of the Dog Trainer op-ed is Can Hamas Cut a Deal for Peace?. The answer is: No.

That was easy. Next question!

Read the piece, though, as it is really quite amazing. After noting the view that Hamas is a terrorist organization that must be opposed, the piece continues: “But there is a second point of view. This view draws on repeated statements of Hamas leaders, including Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the group’s spiritual leader, to conclude that Hamas would halt attacks on Israeli civilians if Israel halted its operations against Palestinian civilians and that it would even be willing to coexist with Israel if it were to withdraw entirely from the occupied territories.” The op-ed goes on to say that the truth probably lies somewhere in between these two views.

Hmmmm. Even in that characterization of Hamas’s views, I didn’t see anything about halting attacks on Jewish settlers or Israeli soldiers. As for Hamas’s desire to coexist with Israel: I will address that when I can control my bitter laughter.

Okay, Mr. Op-ed Writer: time for a history lesson. Hamas used to have a web site that was very instructive. It was located at Interestingly, since I first visited it in December 2001, it has been taken down. If my Google searches are accurate, the site does not seem to have reappeared on the web using a different address. It’s just gone.

Or is it? Enter a miraculous device called the Wayback Machine! This incredible web page has catalogued billions of web pages archived from across the internet since 1996. Using the Wayback Machine, you can see how a web page looked five years ago. You can also see web pages that have been otherwise removed from the internet.

Thanks to the Wayback Machine, you can see the former official web site of Hamas, even though it has since been taken down. A very interesting part of the former site is the group’s statement of ideological principles, found here. The writings on this page include an illuminating piece called The conflict with Zionism in Hamas ideology.

Here, Hamas expresses its desire to coexist peacefully with Israel in the very first sentence: “The Hamas movement believes that the conflict with the Zionists in Palestine is a conflict of survival. It is a conflict of civilization and determination that can not be brought to an end unless its cause-the Zionist settlement in Palestine, usurpation of its land, and the displacement of its people-is removed.” (My emphasis. By the way — in case you were unaware — the area that Hamas calls “Palestine” includes every square inch of what the rest of the world calls “Israel.”) The call for peaceful coexistence continues with language like this: “Hamas believes that no part of Palestine should be compromised, that the Zionist occupation of Palestine should not be recognized and that it is imperative for the people of Palestine, as well as all Arabs and Muslims, to prepare themselves to fight the Zionists until they leave Palestine the way they migrated to it.” (My emphasis again.)

Translation (to quote a popular Arab chant): Death to Israel.

Hamas can take this page down, but thanks to the Wayback Machine, I can bring it back up.

Another very interesting page on the former Hamas website, available only on the Wayback Machine, is called The Glory Record. It is a proud description of kidnappings, murders, and the like carried out by Hamas. It is full of pleasant boasts like these:

“He was able to kill 2 and injure 21″

“Three militants stabbed two Israelis. . .The Hamas members wrote some slogans and considered this operation as a gift for Yitzhak Rabin on the occasion of winning the Israeli elections.”

“The group disarmed the sergeant and took all his papers. He was then exterminated and disposed of.”

So to the author of the idiotic op-ed in the Times this morning, I say: meet the Wayback Machine, sir. Now shut up.


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ROE SEEKS TO OVERTURN ROE: The plaintiff from Roe v. Wade, now a born-again Christian, has filed a motion with the Supreme Court seeking to overturn the case. Read about it here. The link is to Fox News. I breathlessly await the coverage of this issue in the mainstream media.


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MORE JESSICA LYNCH: For those who care, here is a detailed revisionist report about Jessica Lynch in the Washington Post — the same paper most responsible for screwing up the story initially. I could never bring myself to care about this story even when she was considered a big hero, and I don’t care about it now. But maybe some of you do.



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GO AP! GO AP!: I like this story for many reasons.

First, it’s about an airplane toilet waste lawsuit.

Second, the story calls out for so many uses of the word [sic] in such a tight space, I think it makes history. I count three grammatical errors or typos in a total of just six short paragraphs. The quotables start with the opening sentence: “A Santa Cruz man won a suit against American Airlines alleging that one of the company’s planes released two chunks of toilet waste, known euphemistically as ‘blue ice,’ onto the skylight his boat. [sic]” Prepositions, schmepositions. Creative use of apostrophes is shown here: “He receive’d [sic] the court’s ruling in the mail Friday.” The story ends with this: “Airline officials could not be reached to comment [sic] Saturday.” In other words, if I’m going to use a preposition, I’m going to use the one I want to use.

Third, I just love this actual quote from Mike Fergus, spokeman for the Federal Aviation Administration, reacting to the judgment: “I’ll be darned.”

I will too, Mike. I will too.


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EKE IT OUT, BABY: Senator Patrick J. (for “Jackass”) Leahy has written President Bush to implore him to consult with Leahy before nominating a Supreme Court Justice. (Looks like Leahy thinks someone is retiring.) Says Leahy: “I would hope your objective will not be to send the Senate nominees so polarizing that their confirmations are eked out in narrow margins.”

Bush, my friend, if your nominee does not eke out his or her confirmation by the narrowest of all possible margins, you ain’t doing your job. And if you consult with Leahy — if he even votes for your nominee — you and me, we got a problem.

“Mr. Leahy said his two letters urging a bipartisan process, the one on Wednesday and one sent on May 14, had not been answered.” That’s a good sign.

READER RESPONSE: A reader responds

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READER RESPONSE: A reader responds to my post BLINDED BY POLITICS as follows:

“The question is not whether or not the war was justified. The question is whether or not Bush intentionally misrepresented the threat to America. The existence of WMD or mass graves doesn’t answer this question. I think there is enough evidence of wrongdoing that an investigation is warranted.”

The question is whatever question you choose to focus on. I suggest that the more pressing question is: given the likelihood that Saddam had WMD (or the means to immediately constitute them) just before the war, where are they now? The consequences of postponing an answer to that question are dire: terrorists could obtain chemical, biological, or even nuclear weapons. Or they could obtain material and/or information that might facilitate their obtaining such weapons.

The consequences of postponing an answer to my reader’s question: delay in getting momentum on a campaign issue.

It does not surprise me that hacks like Tom Daschle or Henry Waxman pursue the “Bush lied” issue, without a second thought about the possibility that Islamic terrorists have been swarming over weapons sites left unprotected by Bush. I am pleased to see there are Democrats (like Harman) focusing on the serious questions. Harman is not giving the administration a pass, and neither am I. We are just focusing on the issue that poses the gravest potential consequences.


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IMPRISONING NEMO: I can sure see where Finding Nemo would inspire an increase in the sales of clown fish. After all, the movie is about a clown fish looking for his son, who was taken from him and imprisoned in a dentist’s aquarium. What better way to celebrate this movie than to sell a bunch of clown fish to people, so they can imprison them in aquariums?

MCCAIN OP-ED: One other point

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MCCAIN OP-ED: One other point about that McCain op-ed that I discussed below. In it, McCain says something I found interesting: “While war was never inevitable, it was, in retrospect, the most telegraphed military confrontation in history. Hussein had plenty of time to destroy or disperse weapons stocks and to further conceal weapons programs, which often rely more on human knowledge than physical infrastructure.” (My emphasis.)

“In retrospect”? Why, I could almost believe that I said on February 25 that “I have never seen a war telegraphed like this one.” Of course, my concern at the time was that Saddam would use his knowledge of the impending attack to use his WMD, not to destroy them.

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