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SUPREME COURT: I obviously don’t

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SUPREME COURT: I obviously don’t have time to respond to all the Supreme Court decisions in one morning. I haven’t read the decisions in question and therefore have little basis on which to discuss them (though that doesn’t stop 99.99999% of the country). Warning: if you base your opinion on news coverage you are making a mistake.

I will eagerly read Justice O’Connor’s decision to see where she found the Constitutional provision that racial preferences are okay until the year 2028, when they might not be.


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CHUCKIE S. GETS A PASS: New York Republicans are throwing in the towel in the 2004 Senate race against Chuck Schumer, one of the most noxious politicians out there. Why? They figure it might help Bush by keeping Democrats from getting riled up. Good strategy, boys!

I’M BACK: What a week

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I’M BACK: What a week to be gone: the week the Supreme Court issues its blockbuster decisions. I was relieved to see, however, that we need no longer worry about the Supreme Court if Dick Gephardt becomes President. We have his word that he will, and I quote, “do executive orders to overcome any wrong thing the Supreme Court does.” See here for details.

I breathlessly await my liberal readers’ fierce denunciation of this ridiculous statement, just as they would do if Bush had said it.

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