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IMPEACH BOYCE MARTIN: Who? Read this opinion piece and find out. Or, if you’re too damn lazy to click on the link (likely), I’ll just tell you: he’s the judge who fixed the Michigan affirmative action case. As the piece demonstrates, he manipulated the system in many different ways to get a result favoring affirmative action. For example, he circumvented the random appointment process to get himself put on the case (something that observers often suspect Stephen Reinhardt of doing). Also, he waited five months to notify the rest of the court of a petition for en banc rehearing — just long enough for two conservative judges to take senior status and make themselves ineligible to sit on the rehearing panel, which made all the difference.

“Martin insists that he has been falsely accused. ‘I’m royally shafted,’ he told The Associated Press. ‘It’s like poor Sammy Sosa. I never had a corked bat before, and I don’t think I had one here.'”

Uh, Sammy Sosa definitely had a corked bat, dude. I think it’s definitely like Sammy Sosa. And I think your bat just broke.

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